The Ultimate Guide to Things Celebrity Chef David Chang Hates

July 31, 2012 6:08 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
David Chang
David Chang explains himself. (Photo: Creative Commons)

It's no secret that David Chang's rebelliousness-cum-crotchetiness is part of what makes him so gosh darn charming in the first place. A couple of years ago, he and a fellow chef engaged in a little talk called "I Call Bullshit!" which featured a discussion of a broad range of food topics that drew their derision. Overall, they called from a more inspired spirit in New York cooking. Here's a distillation of the things that made David Chang incredibly mad.

1. Trendy Cupcakes. David Chang absolutely hates cupcakes, remarking simply "I hate fuckin' cupcakes." This is why you probably haven't seen them amongst the rubble at Momofuku Milk Bar. However, he'd be down if you rolled a cupcake up into a ball and call it a truffle. That's just the height of innovation!

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2. Figs in San Francisco. We're on board with this one: San Francisco cooking is awfully uninspired. But that doesn't mean it isn't good. David Chang's issue is that things come to you woefully underprepared. "Fuckin' every restaurant in San Francisco is just serving figs on a plate. Do something with your food," suggested Chang. And to David Chang's credit, he does things with his food.

3. Too Many Overexposed Foods. We're even more on board with this one. Everywhere, and we mean everywhere, is serving up pork belly. "Pork bellies are the new tuna tartare," Mr. Chang contended. And we agree. But unlike tuna tartare, pork belly is incredibly difficult to mess up. So we're perplexed when pork belly comes to us that way.

4. Guy Fieri. Maybe David Chang wants his own TV show, because his objection to Guy Fieri seems terribly ad hominem. Cooking is not about "fuckin' sunglasses and that stupid fuckin' armband," said Chang. We agree. It's about cornflakes in milk.

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