Our Favorite Negative Yelp Reviews of the Best Restaurants in the World

August 1, 2012 6:30 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Fat Duck
Fine Dining. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

When it comes to Yelp, a website that crowdsources reviews for just about everything, there are two prevailing schools of thought: detractors, who criticize the website's consolidation of majority opinion for decimating any chance of anyone serendipitously stumbling upon a new favorite; and apologists, who credit Yelp's ability to cut through brand hype and name recognition as wholly necessary.

We don't know how we feel just yet, but the site certainly makes it easier to figure out from where to order for lunch. Barring that, it's also pretty funny. Per Se, which has enjoyed a spot on the Top Ten Restaurants in the World for just about forever, typically enjoys a very respectable four stars on Yelp, whereas Espresso Pizzeria, a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, has a perfect five. As part of an ongoing series, here are some of our favorite lines from negative reviews of the world's best restaurants. Some of them seem like valid complaints, some of them are a little ridiculous, and the rest are somewhere in-between.

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1. Per Se

"Service: Friendly, but failed to acknowledge my toddler."

2. Noma

(Translated from Danish) "The service is quite nice and the food is also as good, but it lacks a sincere mood! I can not help but think of the king's clothing."

3. Alinea

"I did not get the wine pairing because I wanted to enjoy the experience without getting too tipsy, but the waitstaff made me feel as though I was being cheap."

4. Eleven Madison Park

"Everything was served in small portion stylish style which I really like but the taste..... Lol not so impressed for $200 meal... Presentation it is..."

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