Looks Like Burger King's New Menu and Marketing Are Finally Paying Off!

August 2, 2012 11:57 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Bacon Sundae
Burger King's Bacon Sundae (Photo: Creative Commons)

After a significant rough patch, the Burger King fast food chain (number three in sales, number ten in our hearts) appears to be bouncing back, reporting its second quarter of positive sales growth in a row, with a global and national growth of 4.4% of same-store sales.

What's the secret to their success? The once struggling company points to what it calls its "biggest menu expansion ever," and the highly publicized and immediately recognizable celebrity campaign that they've implemented to get the word out about their new menu.

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We've already written about how an inability to diversify is holding Chipotle back from greatness, but whereas that company's move beyond mexican food could compromise the integrity of their brand (seems both intuitive and counter-intuitive at the same time, we know), we fault BK with a lack of ingenuity for its failure to add compelling products to their menu. But thanks to its April rollout of menu items that included smoothies, frappes, salads, wraps, and-- here comes where we get excited-- sweet potato fries and bacon sundaes, it looks like they're getting everyone talking about them again. And as far as fast food chains go, people talking means people eating.

The celebrity campaign, which utilized the tagline "Exciting things are happening at Burger King," drafted the likes of Steven Tyler, Sofia Vergara, David Bekham, Mary J. Blige, and Jay Leno to create an impression with its views. And luckily for them, their gambit is paying off. The company has broadened its consumer profile, especially when it comes to getting women, children, and seniors into the store.

Because when you think of bacon sundaes, you think of women, children, and seniors.

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