Free Wireless at Wendy's!

August 3, 2012 10:12 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Salty Burger
Wendy's! (Photo: Creative Commons)

This one's pretty much a game-changer.

On August 3rd, it was announced that Wendy's popular fast food restaurant chain will soon be offering as much free wireless internet to its customers as they care to guzzle. Their partnership with Boingo Wireless will be bringing patrons at select locations the ability to instagram Wendy's burgers from, say, their iPod Touch for the very first time.

Currently, several Wendy's locations are utilizing Boingo Wireless in a soft launch of the rollout. While we can't speak to any technical hitches the companies may have run into in the infancy of their partnership, we can safely speculate that the only secondary adverse effect for giving patrons free access to WiFi will be that we're going to be spending much more time at Wendy's than any human being conceivably should.

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As such, Wendy's will be rolling out the access to Boingo Wireless over the next couple of months, and participating stores will be able to add their voices to the WiFi conversation. And Boingo, most famous for providing wireless internet to people who got to the airport way too early, will now be a part of the fast food conversation.

if the WiFi company plays its cards right, this could be huge for them.

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