Major Fast Food Fried Chicken Chain "Bojangles'" Makes People Angry, Too!

August 6, 2012 2:46 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Bojangles' (Photo: Creative Commons)

Raymond Doby, a Korean War Army Veteran, is angry. He may have reason to be, too.

County-owned land in Carthage, North Carolina, which falls under the auspices of the Moore County Board of Commissioners, could be sold to Bojangles, the actually good major fried chicken fast food company.

What's wrong with that? The parcel of land is addicted to what many veterans and their supporters deem "sacred ground," a war memorial near U.S. 15-501. As such, anyone going to pay respect to the fallen will be subjected to the smells and sights of the colorful fried chicken joint.

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A group of veterans, which includes Mr. Doby, and their supporters are taking a simple, easy-to-understand stance on the issue: "no Bojangles." And they're making no bones about it. "I'm hoping we wll have an even larger turn out than we did in July," said Doby, one of the memorial's founders, "We will have a video presentation and speakers, similar (in format) to what we did last month. We just want to keep Bojangles' off that property."

"I'm not trying to demean anybody," continued Charles Spelman, president of the Vietnam Veterans Chapter 966, which is based in Moore County,"but the veterans have had enough."

Others go a step further to illustrate their objections: "I'm not against Bojangles," explained veteran Ronnie Comer, "I'm against where it's going to be put. I don't want to be sitting there, thinking about my father, and hear, 'May I take your order?' It's like putting a Bojangles in the middle of a graveyard."

County Attorney Misty Leland advises that the Moore County Board of Commissioners cannot discuss the land sale to Bojangles' in closed sessions.

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