McDonald's Is Killing It with Curly Fries, Late Night Breakfast, and New Serious Lamb Burgers

August 7, 2012 3:56 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
McDonald's (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

McDonald's is having a pretty gosh darn good week.

Yesterday, it was announced that McDonald's was going into the late night business with their 24-hour breakfast menu now being tested in select branches of the restaurant in Ohio, the country's largest fast-food test kitchen. Additionally, they'll also be offering curly fries in the Philippines with the rumor mill buzzing that those little potato tornados are going to be making their way stateside very soon.

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Now, McDonald's can add a mouthwatering lamb burger to its list of August accomplishments.

That's right, folks: McDonald's Australia is getting to add their national specialty meat-- lamb-- to its fast food menu. The Serious Lamb Burger, as Burger Business is reporting it will be called, debuts next week in select McDonald's branches across the continent/country. In addition to becoming the first major fast food chain to offer a lamb patty, the burger will also come with red onion slices, a slice of beetroot, egg, tomato, lettuce, and aioli. 

That's right, everyone. McDonald's is putting aioli in a burger. We're surprised that addition hasn't come stateside already, considering that aioli makes everything tastier and healthier, and it's really not that difficult to factory produce en masse.

But while we're getting worked up about the aioli, maybe you're shrugging your shoulders at the beets and the eggs in the burger. Apparently, those two are such popular burger toppings in Australia that customers were in an uproar when one of the popular burger chains took a beet-filled burger off of its menu. This lamb burger seems poised to fill that gap.

We're clamoring for this burger to come to America. Lambs are healthy, beets are good for you-- what's not to love here?

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