Our Top Three Favorite Slices of New York City Pizza

August 7, 2012 4:27 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Mushroom Pizza at Spago Beverly Hills
Pizza (Photo: Muy Yum)

We always new that it would come to this. Every New York City-based food journal worth its salt (and cheese, and tomatoes, and dough) has to do a list of their favorite slices of pizza in the city. It's a right of passage, and a means of letting our readers know that we're here, we're hungry, and we mean business. Here are our favorites, from all the boroughs with pizza of note.

Our only rule? The place had to serve pizza by the slice.

3. Artichoke - Multiple Locations

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If you're the kind of person that doesn't think of pizza as a guilty pleasure, then you haven't been to Artichoke. Their incredibly thick slices of pizza may be a recipe for indigestion in lesser stomachs (mine, mine, mine), but they're indisputably filling. Add to that a tangy, soft artichoke pizza swimming in a cheese sauce most comparable to an alfredo and you have a whole meal in a single serving. They aren't cheap, there's almost always a line out the door, but it's well worth it.

2. La Pentola - Pelham Gardens, The Bronx

Full disclosure: I'm a Bronx boy, and I grew up around amazingly good, amazingly cheap pizza. Twelve years ago, a new pizzeria that opened up on my block had the most amazing red sauce on their pizza. They coupled that utter deliciousness with the best deal in town: a slice of pizza and a can of coke for a buck-twenty-five. It was a simpler, greasier time, and I've since tried to chase down a slice that matched the sheer bliss that Prego's used to serve up. Since then, they've declined in quality and increased in price. What's a hungry little Bronx boy to do?

I found La Pentola completely by accident a few months ago. And like one of those young men who breaks his leg and then misses an army draft, it was one of the happiest accidents of my life. I've never tasted pepperoni whose sweetness and saltiness played perfectly against one another, giving way to just the perfect amount of smoky spice once those two top notes were done having their way with one another.

The Village Voice commends them for their Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and while I've never been a fan of any iteration of that concoction, theirs is excellent. But if you're like me-- sort of a purist-- get their pepperoni slices. You'll be glad you went all the way out into the Bronx for it.

1. Bleecker Street Pizza - West Village

I don't think you should listen to anyone who makes a list of the city's best slices and doesn't have Bleecker Street Pizza anywhere on that list. It's the golden standard for New York slices, with the perfect proportions of cheese, sauce, and dough. The crust stands its ground, crispy on the outside and ever-so soft on the inside, while the sauce and the cheese are married beautifully in the apartment above it. It's a triumph, plain-and-simple. And in a neighborhood wherein it has considerable competition (between Seventh Avenue and Sixth Avenue on Bleecker Street, there are five or so incredibly good slices of pizza), this one comes out head-and-shoulder above the competition.

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