Breakfast Chain Denny's Opens Wedding Chapel: Will It Allow Gay Marriage?

August 10, 2012 7:21 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
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For those of you who've just finished eating breakfast and are wondering where to get married, the popular breakfast chain Denny's has the answer for you. According to a report from KVVU-TV in Las Vegas, a Denny's wedding chapel will be opening in Neonopolis.

Turns out the moons over your hammies were honeymoons.

Aside from the possibility for marital bliss, or at least a wedding ceremony, this unusual branch of Denny's also features a fully stocked bar, a gift shop with wedding merchandise, and-- of course-- a wedding chapel worthy of a Grand Slam Jr.

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When reached for question about the bizarre move, John Miller, Denny's CEO, had this to say:

"Denny's is 'Always Open' - 24 hours a day, every day of the year - and there is no question that Las Vegas operates on the same schedule, so this city was a natural fit for a world-class Denny's. The location will embody the Denny's of the future, so Neonopolis was the logical location for us."

The phrase Denny's of the future has us just a little worried. If they're planning on moving into the wedding business, we wonder what other ceremonies we'll be able to have there.

Miller continued: "We expect each of our guests to have an enjoyable and memorable experience each time they visit. Neonopolis Denny's represents the future of America's Diner - one that combines entertainment, technology, relationships, and of course, great food at a great price available 24 hours a day every day of the year."

Sure, it's gutsy, but is it progressive? Will the Denny's in Neonopolis allow same-sex couples to marry? With a Nevada judge slated to hear arguments for repealing the state's ban on gay marriage in November, it could go either way here. Based on their recent commercial made in support of the second amendment, one could guess that they may lean a little conservative on certain other social issues, too.

But hey, if it's the Denny's of the future, you'll never know!

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