Troll Wars: 4Chan Takes Down Mountain Dew's "Dub the Dew" Initiative

August 13, 2012 5:11 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew (Photo: Creative Commons)

The message board website that Fox News once dubbed "hackers on steroids" is at it again. This time, their target is the only soda company that Tumblr's Poet Laureate Lana Del Rey wrote a song about: Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew's latest initiative, the "Dub the Dew" campaign, gave drinkers (and people who know people who drink Mountain Dew) the chance to name the newest flavor of the soft drink. Their only point of direction? The new name had to capture the essence of a flavor with green apple attitude.

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Enter 4Chan, the same endearing, electronic army that brought down Burger King's lettuce stomper, to the rescue with a few ideas of their own. It's the perfect outlet for them, considering that "votes" will determine the winner, and thereby the new name, of the next flavor of Mountain Dew.

Before the site was taken down by Mountain Dew, the Top Ten Leaderboard read as such:

1. Gushing Granny

2. Fapple

3. Diabeetus

4. Gushin' Granny

5. Grannies Squirt

6. Gushing Grannies

7. Gooshing Granny

8. Fapulous Apple

9. Gushing Green Granny

10. Moist Nugget

Nothing captures Granny Smith's essence quite like a gush of flavor, after all. And it should be noted that this isn't even 4Chan at its most offensive. Previously in the competition, the top-voted name for the green apple flavor was "Hitler did nothing wrong." If you're offended, that was probably a big part of their goal.

And if you're thinking "this a great way for consumers punish a company that's avoiding the standard practice of paying consumers and creative minds for their time in a focus group by crowdsourcing and gamifying the creative process," have we got a soft drink for you!

If you're wondering about the state of the contest, well, the Mountain Dew "Dub the Dew" website is down and voting has since been disabled, according to the soft drink company.

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