The Only Corn Milk Recipe You'll Ever Need

August 13, 2012 6:42 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Corn Milk
Corn Milk (Photo: Creative Commons)

It's August, which means that if you're in America, it's hotter than hell. Your cat is lying prostrate against the cool, teal tiles of your bathroom floor. Outside your window, the view of the world is all wavy and distorted from the heat. One of your Tumblr subscriptions has posted yet another picture of an egg cooking on the sidewalk.

The last thing in the world you want to do is cook, but cook you must! This recipe doesn't necessarily beat the heat in any discernible way, but it does give you one of the absolute greatest substances in the world: corn milk.

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Never heard of corn milk? I'm pretty jealous that you get to try it for the very first time. It's one of the freshest-tasting things you'll ever put into your mouth, and making it is relatively easy. It gets proposed time and time again as an alternative to dairy milk, but I don't like to think about it that way. Unless you're sensitive to dairy, then do think about it that way. You'll be able to reach for a nice cup of this on a cold day, and it'll hit the exact same spots that a cold glass of cow's milk hits-- and then some.

But again, corn milk isn't an alternative to anything. Corn milk is its own substance, and it's about to rock your world. Plus, since corn is one of those things that hasn't been affected too much by this great, big American drought of 2012 (depending on where you're getting your information), you're sort of saving money.

Add to this the fact that our corn milk is totally raw, and you'll be bringing even the most militant of vegans to your table. Just make sure you use an agave syrup to sweeten it for them.

Make no mistake: in less than five years, it's going to be all over supermarket shelves. But for now, you'll be making it for yourself. It's probably better that way, too.

This is ready to drink chilled with just a little honey and some cinnamon, like a corn-based horchata. But I'll tell you my favorite way to serve it up at the end, and you'll have a heart attack.

The Only Corn Milk Recipe You'll Ever Need

Remember this ratio: 1 ear of corn to 1 cup of water, or other liquid. That'll make a nice corn milk that's on the thicker side. You can add up to a cup and a half of water, if you prefer yours on the thinner side.

Grab as many ears of corn and shuck the raw corn kernels off of them. Reserve the corn cobs and husks for later, as they're great for making stock.

Put the corn kernels and water, as per the ratio, into the food processor and process until it's nice and liquid-y. Pour the liquid through a cheesecloth to strain. Reserve the corn meat for a later use.

Put the corn milk in the fridge and chill, or make ice cubes out of it and use those ice cubes to make a quick corn milk drink-- or, you know, pour bourbon over those ice cubes and call it a week.

What do I like to do with my corn milk? Most will use it in a panna cotta or a pudding, but I'm a little less fancy than that. And much more of an alcoholic. As mentioned above, corn milk pairs exceptionally well with any old bourbon. And when I think bourbon, I think milkshake. Take a look at this mind-blowing recipe from our Summer Test Kitchen that reimagines that frosty treat for adults. It looks playful, but it means some serious business.

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