Molecular Gastronomy: Rum with Coca Cola Caviar

August 16, 2012 4:46 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
coca cola caviar
Rum with Coca Cola Caviar (Photo: Youtube Screenshot)

Fasten your seat belts and snap on your latex gloves, because FoodNRecipe's about to get really crazy with science. We're gonna demystify molecular gastronomy, an approach to cooking that makes restaurant chefs look like Level 85 High Elf Mages, and we'll be showing home cooks everywhere how to make good-ole fashioned science their sous chefs.

You can get everything you need for doing this kind of stuff on Amazon, and once you know the basics, it'll open up an entirely new avenue of cooking to you.

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We'll start by explaining spherification to you. Spherification is the process through which liquids are combined with sodium alginate, then immersed in a calcium chloride or calcium lactate bath, to produce a perfect sphere. That may sound crazy and out there, but we promise it'll all make sense at the end.

To start, remember these helpful ratios:

1 part sodium alginate to every 100 parts liquid

1 part calcium chloride to every 200 parts water OR 3 parts calcium lactate to every 100 parts distilled water (I like calcium lactate because it tastes better)

And that's if the liquid you want to spherify has a pH (acidity!) level higher than 5. If it's lower, be sure to dissolve a little sodium citrate first. It'll make sure your liquid spherifies properly.

Now that you know all that stuff, let's get cooking so we can get drinking.

-First, measure out 200 grams of coca cola and 2 grams of sodium alginate using a kitchen scale.

-Dissolve the sodium alginate completely into the coca cola using an immersion blender. Don't be surprised if this takes a little while.

-Once that's done, let it rest for anywhere between fifteen minutes and an hour, depending on how anxious you are.

-Next, make the calcium bath with 1 gram calcium chloride and 200 parts cold water. Distilled water works best here, so that you're totally in charge of its calcium content. Stir it up.

-Using a syringe, slowly squeeze in little droplets of the cola/alginate mixture into the calcium bath. Make sure you're doing this a couple of inches above the surface of the water.

-Let the caviars form in a minute, then transfer them to a regular water bath to rinse.

-Once that's done, add them to a glass of rum and ice. Enjoy!

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