Rooster Sauce? In Your Movie Theater? Sriracha Popcorn from The Oatmeal!

August 17, 2012 3:31 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Sriracha Popcorn
Sriracha Popcorn from "The Oatmeal" and J&D (Photo: The Oatmeal)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is about the absolute coolest thing in the world.

From the devilishly brilliant minds behind webcomic-cum-style-and-living site The Oatmeal (think of it as those weird religious comic pamphlets but for hella secular people) comes something that has our mouths watering, and has us reaching for a glass of water.

Say it with me now: sriracha popcorn. Going to the movies is never going to be the same ever again.

For those of you who don't know sriracha, you haven't lived. It's an incredibly spicy, incredibly addicting Thai spicy chili sauce that any hot-blooded fan will tell you goes on top of everything but desserts.

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Hell, I've even found ways to sneak it onto desserts. Grab a ginger sorbet and put the tiniest dot on your spoon before each bite. It's out of this world.

But I digress, as I'm one of those people that loves the garlicky hot sauce a little too much. The minds behind The Oatmeal have teamed up with J&D's a company whose mission statement reads "because everything should taste like bacon" to bring you delicious popcorn slathered with the hot stuff.

And yes, it's the right hot stuff-- the green-capped rooster sauce. Anything that isn't that is a truly pale imitation, and messes up the perfectly legendary ratio of red chilies, garlic, vinegar, and sugar that makes the sauce soar above its international competition. And, as the people at J&D promise, this popcorn is "a crunchy firestorm for your face."

Excellent. Just what my face needed.

It may be a while before this stuff hits stores, but luckily you can order some online. Just check out this link to buy a bag of the popcorn for six bucks or the matching underwear for eighteen bucks.

It's almost incentive enough to work out, and then ruin that workout by eating sriracha popcorn.

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