Bacon Flavored Olive Oil for the Nostalgic Vegan and Struggling Dieter

August 17, 2012 4:05 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Olive Oil
Bacon-Flavored Olive Oil without pig! (Photo: Queen Creek Olive Mill)

We're a sucker for anything that helps our vegan friends, especially when that something succeeds at the worthy task of approximating the smoky flavor of bacon without the help of any pigs.

I mean, come on! Check out Cupcake and tell me that won't make you feel guilty about sliding your fork into yet another porkchop:

If that video rocked your soul the way it rocked mine, then this may be the product for you. From Queen Creek Olive Mill, purveyors of some of the dopest flavors of olive oils (we especially love the White Truffle and the Blood Orange infused oils) comes good news for people who ended up siding with Babe and Wilbur.

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That's right, everyone, an olive oil flavored to taste like bacon that doesn't have a modicum of pig in it.

How do they do it? The good people of Queen Creek Olive Mill aren't saying, on account of it would be like a magician revealing the way it's been done before you even see the trick. But if we were to guess, we think it's probably done with hickory smoke flavors.

In lower quality cuts of bacon (think Oscar Meyer, not to knock something that tastes good), hickory is really the essence of the flavor. It's what most of us think bacon-flavor is when we think of bacon. The pig itself lends a fattiness that's more of a secondary taste in the lower quality cuts.

So when it comes to this bottle of olive oil, we have high hopes that it'll have the essence of bacon flavor in it, in a way that isn't terribly ham-fisted or, not to tickle your gag reflex, tempeh-esque.

One bottle of the bacon olive oil starts at sixteen bucks. Your diet salad just got a helluvalot more decadent.

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