FoodNRecipe's Adults-Only Irish Lucky Charms Treats Recipe

August 20, 2012 6:15 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Rice Krispies Treats
Like this, but NSFW and Adults-Only (Photo: Creative Commons)

This recipe is categorically NSFW, in that cooking it will probably inebriate you to the point of incapacity. This isn't healthy, this isn't a great way to start your day, and it certainly isn't part of a balanced breakfast in that you will be so drunk you cannot keep your balance.

That's right, folks: we're making Rice Krispies Treats, but we're taking out the Rice Krispies and adding Lucky Charms. To make them even more Irish, in the spirit of Irish Coffees and a leprechaun that was always running away from children, we're going to be baking them in whiskey-infused marshmallows.

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Sounds crazy and is crazy, but we're just going to roll with all those good feelings in the service of a breakfast treat that you won't want to share with your family.

You Will Need:

-2 cups of Lucky Charms Marshmallows

-4 cups of Corn Flakes

-10 ounces of regular-sized marshmallows

-3 tablespoons of salted butter

-1 shot of Jack Daniels, Evan Williams, or any other sweet whiskey and ESPECIALLY corn whiskey if you can find it 

*A few drops of green food coloring

A quick note on this recipe: even if it's made for adults by adults, it's going to look like something your child made in elementary school. But that's sort of the point, isn't it?

Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, pots of gold, rainbows, and red balloon marshmallows get added to to these treats, and they're certainly the star of it. But since I, like everyone ever, think the other pieces of Lucky Charms cereal taste like cardboard, we're going to have to rely on a different backbone to cut through the sweetness. In a way, that's what the whiskey is for here. But it doesn't go as far as it potentially could.

That's what the corn flakes are for. They're buttery, they're crispy, and they're a more worthy companion to those beautiful little marshmallows. I also love the way the golden flakes look against all those colors and the lightest-of-light brown marshmallows, but maybe you don't. That's what the food coloring is for.

-So, start by greasing a 9x9x2-inch pan.

-In a double boiler, melt the 3 tablespoons of salted butter, 1 shot of sweet whiskey, and 10 ounces of regular-style marshmallows. Add the food coloring at this point if you want, but I don't necessarily

-Stir in the mix of Corn Flakes and Lucky Charms marshmallows.

-Butter your pan and press the mix of everything into the pan.

-Cut it into squares when it's cool.

-Eat it literally all the time, when no one else is looking, so as to avoid shaming or sharing.

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