Want Chocolates That Get You Wasted? "Twice the Vice" Spirited Chocolates for Adults

August 21, 2012 7:35 AM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Twice the Vice
"Twice the Vice" Spirited Chocolates are pretty delicious, as long as you remember eating them the next morning (Photo: Twice the Vice)

If you've ever wanted to combine all the fun of being a glutton with the special charms of being alcoholic, the people at Twice The Vice have something for you.

They've recently launched a line of Twice the Vice chocolates which are chock-full of all the finest quality liquors they can legally pipe into them. In fact, these little devils are so boozy that they've actually been outlawed in thirty-two states-- even for drinking adults of legal age.

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And if the thought of having The Macallan, Knob Creek, or El Diamante Reposado in your chocolates doesn't excite you, we think you should get yourself checked out. This is the be-all end-all of decadence. We're glad you're sitting down for it.

Before he was a chocolatier-cum-bartender, Craig Boreth began his career as a writer. His first book, The Hemingway Cookbook, tells the story of the famous literary luminary like you've never heard it before: through all the foods Mr. Hemingway ate during his storied lifetime.

Hemingway's penchant for booze both in the world of his stories and in ours inspired Mr. Boreth to branch out into cooking. In Boreth's own words, "Hemingway had a particular genius for using food and drink to convey a true sense of the world of his fiction to his readers. I bring some sense of that desire to connect with one's audience to Twice the Vice."

At present, it's a small operation with limited supply and considerable demand. Most graciously, one even has the option of requesting custom made chocolates. Just combine your favorite shade of brown with your favorite shade of booze and you're good to go.

To check out Twice the Vice's website and place an order for boozy chocolate come the end of the summer when it relaunches, click here and bookmark. Till then, we'll just pour Patron into our Nesquik.

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