Molecular Gastronomy Recipe: FoodNRecipe's Tom Yum Goong Soup with Sriracha Caviar and Thai Iced Tea Foam

August 22, 2012 6:39 PM EDT
Tom Yum
Tom Yum (Photo: Creative Commons)

This dish is an excellent way to enter the hip worlds of both thai cooking and molecular gastronomy via a Tom Yum Goong Soup. On top of that, it's absolutely delicious, and it'll get you to play with temperatures in a compelling and dramatic way.

I'll take you through cooking this chronologically:

Step One: Prepare the Thai Iced Tea

Prepare our recipe for an Easy Homemade Kitchen Sink Thai Iced Tea and set aside one-fourth a cup of it to put in the fridge along with two grams of soy lecithin.

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Step Two: Prepare the Sriracha Caviar

On the stove, combine one-fourth a cup of sriracha with two cups of water, or to taste if that's too spicy or not spicy enough for you, and bring it to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, remove it from the heat and add two teabags of ginger tea to it. Let that steep for five minutes, then remove the teabags.

Add one teaspoon of calcium lactate to it and place in the fridge for twenty-four hours.

Step Three: Make the Soup

Boil four cups of water, and steep one bruised lemongrass stick cut into six pieces in it for five minutes. Fish out the lemon grass.

To the lemon grass stock, add five chopped mushrooms and three chopped kaffir lime leaves. Let it boil till the mushrooms are just about to be fully cooked.

Step Four: "Cook" the Caviar

Mix one teaspoon of sodium alginate with two cups of water with an immersion blender. Drop the sriracha-calcium mix into it with a pipette. Wait one minute, then fish out the little caviars and place them into a bowl of water to wash off the sodium alginate.

Step Five: Add Shrimp

Once they reach that point, add one cup of peeled and deveined shrimp to the broth and turn off the heat. Cover, and let the shrimp cook for three to five minutes.

Step Six: Make the Foam

Hit the iced tea with an immersion blender until a foam forms at the top.

Step Six: Plating

Grab a soup bowl and put a tablespoon of fish sauce and the juice of half a lime into the bottom of a bowl. Crush one chili pepper and add it to the bowl as well.

Add the hot soup and mix.

Grab a chinese soup spoon and fill it with the sriracha caviar. Place that next to the bowl.

Scoop out the foam from the Thai Iced Tea and place it on top of the bowl of soup.


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