Why The Hell Is A "Recipe" for 'Ice Cubes' One of Food.Com's Most Popular, Highest Rated Meals?

August 23, 2012 5:07 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Ice Cubes
A recipe for ice cubes, for those of us who want ice. (Photo: Food.Com Screenshot)

There are recipes that speak to the home cook as if ze's never boiled water in hir life, and then there's "ChrissyG's" recipe for Ice Cubes.

Before you rush in with "Well, maybe this is a different approach to ice cubes," or, "Maybe ChrissyG recommends adding some extra flavor to those ice cubes," ChrissyG absolutely does not. This is, plain and simple, a recipe for ice cubes.

The recipe calls for two cups of water, plus two tablespoons of additional water to be used "if needed," just in case your ice cube tray isn't full, then put it into the freezer. After two hours, ChrissyG thinks you should have some ice cubes.

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I want to preface this by saying that I'd feel a little guilty for criticizing this page if it was written in earnestness, but I'm pretty sure that this is some very elegant trolling. That said, a quick look at ChrissyG's Food.Com profile shows that she's contributed 109 recipes to the website-- a lot of them vegan, none of them as popular as her technique for ice cubes. She also wrote a very lengthy autobiography.

With all of that in mind, we won't be too mean at all, just in case. Here's a quick rundown of the funniest parts of the page:

1. The last two steps of the recipe are "replace the ice bin if you had to remove it," and "shut the door to the freezer." If you're following this recipe by wrote, you'll never be able to get your ice cubes out of the freezer once it has closed. This is, perhaps, the best example of when you may need to improvise to get around a recipe writer's myopia.

2. The recipe only has four-and-a-half stars, as if someone knows of a better way to make ice cubes in your freezer.

3. The recipe has 379 reviews at time of writing, with a good 95-percent of them written by bona fide trolls.

4. Someone commented that he "harvests his own free-range water," and as such, could never add it to a plastic tray and freeze it in a commercially-made freezer unit. He recommends "nature's method" for freezing water. It certainly gets the job done, I suppose.

5. Someone gave a four-star review, reminding all who read to "make sure your freezer is plugged in."

6. There are two photos of ice cubes attached to this recipe, just in case.

7. The recipe is tagged under "very low carbs," as well as "lactose free."

8. The recipe includes nutritional facts for ice cubes.

So, yeah. At least you'll have a recipe for ice cubes, in case you forget because you've suffered a blow to the head.

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