Good Sh*t Alert: Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Presse Soda is Pretty Unbelievable

August 23, 2012 5:28 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Belvoir Fruit Farms's Elderflower Cordial and Presse (Photo: Belvoir Fruit Farms)

Drink crazes come and go with very little in the way of staying power. Perhaps the only exception to this rule is Coconut Water, which still enjoys a healthy presence on convenience store shelves.

Still, compared to just three years ago when everyone could rattle off the health benefits of the stuff, it's a pretty pale version of itself; the perfect example of how quickly we move through drinks.

Let's face it: Pellegrino's Blood Orange Soda is passe. And if you get caught drinking aloe juice of any brand, you may as well move to Astoria right now.

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At FoodNRecipe, we understand why you've reached for yet another bottle of Fiji water. The summer's almost over, and we still don't have a beverage about which we're crazy.

That is, of course, until today, when we were lucky enough to try a bottle of Belvoir Fruit Farms' Elderflower Presse, a diminutive bottle of drink whose label boasts, in elegant cursive, that its contents are "100% good," as well as "gently bubbling with real elderflowers."

The former is a lofty claim, the latter is an empty one. Most of us can't conjure the taste of artificial elderflower, let alone a real one. As I understand the flavor, it's the only thing keeping St. Germain liquer from tasting like poison. Still, just as gin doesn't exactly taste like juniper berries, I braced myself for a very different flavor profile from what I tried in last year's most ubiquitous booze.

I want to try not to sound like a lovesick schoolboy with satchel and shining morning face when I talk about this, but there's something beautiful about the taste in an almost Shakespearean way. The dominant note here, of course, is the elderflower, which tastes almost like a lychee if it were anchored to floral notes of lavender and hibiscus.

The soda works at Belvoir Fruit Farms also throws in a little bit of lemon juice to round out the elderflower taste. It's a wonderful addition, and anyone who's ever opened a lemonade stand knows the extent to which you must steady your pour of the yellow stuff to ensure that it doesn't overpower all the other flavors you're working with. That we can taste the fragile lilt of the elderflower, and virtually none of the lemon's acidic notes, is nothing short of a culinary miracle.

Sure, the flavor's impeccable, but the bottle design is unbeatable. It's a clever little vial with a simple white paper label with a yellow floral print on its back. On its front, the brand name is drawn across in cursive. The bright yellow cap of the bottle repeats its one note of color. It draws attention to itself without drawing attention to itself. It is the epitome of everyday elegance, and it goes with just about every outfit.

Pick one up from Belvoir Fruit Farms's Website here.

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