Good Sh*t Alert: Avocado Oil with Lemon from 'Bella Vado Splendid Oils'

August 24, 2012 6:00 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Bella Vado Avocado Oil
Avocado Oil with Lemon from Bella Vado Splendid Oils (Photo: Bella Vado Splendid Oils)

Every home cook should have a secret weapon, and even if it isn't avocado oil, it still belongs in your culinary utility belt.

Sure, the moments when you'll want the savory taste of an avocado, but not its pleasantly fatty texture, are few and far between. But they're less rare than you think, especially for those who haven't yet been indoctrinated. And when they do arise, you'll have no choice but to reach for your bottle of avocado oil.

Avocado Oil has always been synonymous with hard, needless work. One method for extracting it from the avocado includes placing the avocado in a centrifuge and spinning it so that the oil separates from the fat. That oil is so concentrated with the essence of the avocado that tasting it is almost like tasting the meat of the fruit for the very first time.

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That oil is a wonderful substance that adds an extra something to any dish to which you add it. A little bit is especially nice with crab in general, real as it wakes up the flavor without providing another fat to the plate that competes with the texture of the crab for which you're paying top dollar. You can even use a spoonful of avocado oil to liven up the taste of canned crab. Just stir it in with some salt and you have yourself a lovely little dip or spread.

Bella Vado's Avocado Oil with Lemon is a wonderful addition to their oil empire. It's light on mouthfeel, in spite of how delicately concentrated its flavor is. The hint of lemon in it really livens the flavor of the avocado, but I almost wish it weren't included. One could have always added lemon later, and even if the flavors do work wonderfully together, you're forced with that extra little hint of lemon, whether you like it or not.

You can check out the Bella Vado website here. 

What's our favorite way to cook with it? Mix it with some pine nuts in a food processor, then add some fresh crab. Stuff some tortellini or ravioli with it for a real exercise in decadence.


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