REVIEW: "Dough" Doughnuts Are the Absolute Best in New York City

August 24, 2012 7:28 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
The doughnuts at Dough waiting for you to eat them. (Photo: Yelp Screenshot)

When it comes to doughnuts in New York City, the only real crime is getting them from a Dunkin or a Kripsy Kreme. For some reason, we're living in a city that has the absolute top-of-the-line best doughnuts in the whole country.

If you look at the debate over just who offers the best of the best in the city, it would appear that the jury's still out. However, if you ask anyone with an opinion on the matter, ze'd probably say that there was no question about it, then give you hir favorite place for it. There's no reasoning with someone once they've picked one, and there are tons of worthy places you could go.

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Many I know cite Doughnut Plant or Dumont Burger for their favorite doughnut. The former offers huge, buttery goodness; the latter offers tiny beignet-inspired treats that dip so perfectly into the dulce de leche sauce they give you. If you're a vegan, chances are you know of Babycakes, the unapologetically twee bakery in the Lower East Side that serves up vegan, gluten-free rounds that kill it each time.

But if you're like me, you know what's up. You know that the only place to get a Doughnut is from Dough, a relatively new neighborhood joint smack-dab in the heart of the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn.

My indoctrination into the world of Dough was a rocky one at first. At Smorgasburg, I ordered their Blood Orange doughnut on the recommendation of so many of my friends. I found it way too sweet and sour, and for the most part, I still stand by that objection. But much of that has to do with my own feelings about blood orange flavor, which I think needs to be tempered with a lot of other stuff. That it is so aggressive here speaks to how many love the taste of that fruit on its own; I, however, am not one of them.

Taking a little bit of a risk, I bought another doughnut-- the Passionfruit with Cocoa Nibs-- and I've never looked back. The passionfruit icing is sweet and tangy, but not nearly as overpowering as it is with the Blood Orange. Perhaps that's because they tempter the sweet, sour smoothness with some crunchy, jagged bits of bitter chocolate. It speaks to just how important balance is, even and especially in desserts.

Do yourself a favor: head on out, and pick yourself up one of their fruit flavors (we recommend the Passionfruit or the Hibiscus), one of the more chocolatey flavors (we recommend the Cafe Au Lait), and one of the lighter flavors (either the Cinnamon Sugar or the Coconut). They're huge, buttery, and perfect-- and best of all, they harken back to sublime versions of the Dunkin' stuff we probably grew up with.

And when it comes to Dough, we're happy to continue growing. 

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