Good Sh*t Alert: 'No. 2' Vodka from Local Start-Up 'Industry City Distillery' Is So Good, You Won't Need a Mixer

August 29, 2012 7:19 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
No. 2 Vodka from Industry City Distillery (Photo: Industry City Distillery)

As part of our ongoing look into the best under-the-radar stuff that should have a permanent circulation into your kitchen, we're looking at No 2 Vodka, the flagship potent-potato-potable from a little-known Brooklyn start-up called 'Industry City Distillery.'

From that description alone, you can see that there's a lot of baggage that could be working against your picking up a bottle of this for yourself the next time you find yourself in the mood for some traditional booze. For one thing, vodka's moment seems to be on its way out. In an era of neo-cocktails, floral liqueurs, and wacky bitters, it's hard to imagine mixing new, delicate tastes with the warm cold of Russia's finest import.

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Much of that comes from how we form our relationship with vodka, which is probably in college. We're used to buying the cheapest, worst stuff there is, storing it in our freezer to turn it into an intolerable syrup, and doing either a shot of it for bragging rights or bogging it down with juice until we can't taste it anymore.

But that era's over. Tito's Handmade, a brand that's enjoying a big distribution right now, is cheap and good, meaning that you won't be wincing the night away after a shot. And No.2 Vodka, Brooklyn Happy Hour's favorite son and the flagship liquour from Industry City Distillery, is slightly more expensive, but so much better.

The commonplace that people use to exalt a good brand of vodka (like Grey Goose) is that it's "like drinking water." I'm tired of that. Why pay top dollar for something that tastes like nothing when you could be paying half as much for something that tastes like one really, really good something? To that end, Industry City Distillery delivers a product that sings just so against the tongue. Before giving it away to the warmth that must have helped so many Siberians brave the winter, there is a perfect sweetness to it-- just such that your tongue catches it, and not so much that you get sick of it immediately.

Although getting sick of this immediately wouldn't be the worst thing. It's so good, you'll want to drink as much of it as possible. And-- miracle of miracles-- it's so good, you'll put away the fruit juice, save the vermouth for some other time, and reach for an ice cube or two. It's the highest praise we can give anyone.

On top of that, the bottle gives you a number and a twitter account to encourage you to get in touch with them with your impression of the drink. If you buy that they'll about-face if enough people talk to them, then this is a really wonderful way to keep in touch with their customers.

My only point of criticism is their website, which does have a lot of information of which I'm sure they're very proud, is over-designed and aggressive. If you're drunk, you'll probably like it; if you're sober, you'll be daunted. But we've cut through the noise and given you a link here, so you can just go on in and buy it. 

Trying at least one bottle is as good for the soul as it is bad for the liver. What are you waiting for?

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