Canadian Poutine? In New York City? The Five Best Spots to Go for Gravy, Cheese Curd, and French Fries

August 29, 2012 8:25 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Poutine is maybe the best thing in the world, and we'll show you where to get it best in the city. (Photo: ClosetCooking)

Earlier this year, a bunch of homies got on Facebook and complained about how they wanted to move to Canada because of Obamacare. We have a better, non-idiotic reason to go to Canada: if poutine, their signature food, is any sign of the times, then the times over there are very, very good.

To the uninitiated who have never been north of the border or to a hockey game with die-hard fans, poutine is one of the most unhealthy things you could ever introduce to your body. That said, it's also indisputably delicious.

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The very best poutine starts with french fries that are thicker-cut, crispy on the outside, and soft and velvety on the inside. They're sprinkled with just a little bit of good salt-- not as much as you'd regularly put on fries-- and from there, if one wanted to add the absolutely slightest drizzle of unsalted butter, well, we won't tell.

Put those fries in a great, big bowl and add a generous handful or two of cheese curds. Some poutine people will add melted cheese directly to it. That's not just wrong-headed, that isn't poutine: it's cheese fries or disco fries.

Once that's done, cover it all in flavorful, savory, piping hot gravy. That gravy is going to melt those cheese curds, and you're going to have a gooey, unbelievably delicious mess on your hands that'll put you in a food coma for the rest of your life (or at least until your next trip to Montreal).

But since summer's ending, and no one ever wants to go to Canada in the winter, here's where to go in the city:

Fifth Place - Pommes Frittes, East Village

Fourth Place - Dive Bar, Upper West Side

Third Place - Brindle Room, Alphabet City (Theirs is made out of duck)

Second Place - Mile End, Boerum Hill

First Place - Sheep Station, Park Slope

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