FoodNRecipe's List of the Top Ten Absolute Weirdest Snapple Cap Facts

September 4, 2012 5:06 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Snapple Cap
Here's FoodNRecipe's list of the top ten absolute weirdest Snapple Cap Facts. (Photo: GoogleImage)

Ah, the Snapple Cap Fact. Has there ever been a weirder instance of brand marketing? Sometimes, even more exciting than having a Snapple-- or as I like to call it, a virgin Franzia-- was popping the bottle cap and taking a look at the fact for a really fun talking point to share with your friend, who had presumably also bought a Snapple and also had a fact of hir own.

It was like cracking open and reading what a fortune cookie had to say about your future; or almost like those premonitory acts of deliciousness, anyway, except for one very fundamental difference: unlike fortune cookies, Snapple Cap facts aren't 100% accurate. In fact, a rumor began to spread that someone who knew someone, somewhere, had found a cap that said that half of the Snapple Cap facts were lies.

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I've never seen that cap (in person, and I don't trust the internet on this one), and it's not like there's a Master List out there, so all we have to go off of is what we've found. Here's FoodNRecipe's list of the top ten absolute weirdest Snapple Cap Facts.

1. The San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile national monument.

I guess Lindsay Lohan doesn't really count as mobile anymore, does she?

2. The Hawaiian alphabet only has 12 letters.

Maybe that's because most of our alphabet was invented so we could put our complaints in writing.

3. Chewing gum while peeling onions will prevent you from crying.

Chewing gum may get you through a second helping of Sophie's Choice, but it's not great with onions. Try breathing through a toothpick, or leaving a slice of bread out in the open instead.

4. The average women consumes 6lbs of lipstick in her lifetime.

It's probably healthier than the OMG Diet.

5. Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

Sure, but it's the lips I'm worried about.

6. Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee.

That can't be true, can it? What about Washington? Are they just known for drinking coffee?

7. "Q" is the only letter in the alphabet not appearing in the name of any U.S. state.

Tell that to the queer people of Qouth Dakota.

8. The world's biggest pyramid is not in Egypt, but in Mexico.

But no one notices because of the stairs.

9. A male kangaroo is called a Boomer.

Calling all the Basic Boomers.

10. Grizzly bears run as fast as the average horse.

Terror has a new name, top-speed.

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