MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 19 Recap: The Top Three Compete

September 5, 2012 3:29 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Christine and Joe from MasterChef (Photo: EW)

MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 19 is one of those episode recaps that's going to live in the annals of reality television history (is anyone out there writing all of this down?) as one of the saddest eliminations on a reality show ever. I know I've already deemed Monti's elimination two weeks earlier one such moment, but really, this week's takes the cake.

-Recap of last week's souffle pressure test. So sad to see Frank go. I really think he knows his stuff when it comes to Italian.

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-Their cookbooks are under the Mystery Box boxes! I'd read all three of them, with special attention to Becky's and Josh's. That said, Christine's a great writer. We'll see what happens. Also, it's mean to dangle that book in front of them. Know what'd be meaner? Putting the 250k in singles behind a glass cage.

-They have to make signature dishes. Christine grabs some rice noodles and scallops, Josh goes for a curry.

-I'm confused by what Becky's making with the fish. And I really hate the word "sunchokes."

-Oh man, Becky butchered her fish. Christine and Josh look really happy, though.

-Judges taste the food, and they're really giving Becky the finger. Maybe that's because of the bar she's set for herself.

-Becky places dead last in the mystery box. Josh's curry comes out second, and Christine places first. You go, Christine.

-The second challenge is similar to the first. Make a damn good dish. But Christine picks chicken legs, Josh picks leg of lamb, and that leaves Becky with frog legs. Poor thing.


-Becky says something about how seeing everyone reminds her about whom she's already conquered. Did I mention how much I love Becky? And the way the editing shapes her character? Oh man.

-Frank says Becky will win, Monti says Christine will win, Ryan says Josh will win. As much as I think Josh has been getting better every week, I don't like him as much as I do the others.

-Becky says she's making a salad. I'm terrified.

-Christine says she's making southern fried chicken. I'm terrified.

-Josh says he's making something with lamb and yucca. I'm pretty elated.

-Christine's dish is up first. it's Southern Fried Chicken infused with blood orange. Apparently, it's dope, but her kale is too creamy.

-Joe Bastianich reads Josh the riot act for cooking what he did, in spite of cooking a leg of lamb in under an hour.

-But then he tastes it and it's impeccable. Dammit.

-Becky's gets tasted. Tepid praise. Aw man.

-Josh is through to the final.

-And Christine follows. That means Becky's eliminated. The front-runners were eliminated back-to-back, and two underdogs go to the finals.

Team Christine for MasterChef US winner all the way.

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