Good Sh*t Alert: New Guilt-Free Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang Foods and the Young Genius Behind Them

September 7, 2012 11:54 AM EDT | By Anthony Smith
See what beautiful people already know about Dang Foods' Toasted Coconut Chips! (Photo: Dang Foods)

When it comes to guilt-free snacks, Vincent Kitirattragarn, a Cornell University graduate and former sustainability researcher, may be offering you the chance to never have to pretend to like kale chips ever again.

Dang Foods, Kitirattragarn's company which he named after his mother, is focusing all their efforts on perfecting and distributing their flagship product: toasted coconut chips, which they think is "the most versatile item not in your pantry."

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As we posted yesterday when we called his chips our Kickstarter Project of the Day, Kitirattragarn's food is starting to be noticed in a big way. It helps that he's offering a new vehicle for bringing the hip tropical favorite into your body, and it doesn't hurt that the stuff is crazy addicting. If you're somehow not convinced, all you have to do is imagine if a potato chip helped your body, rather than hurt it. Now, make its flavor more complicated. You see why we're so frightened about how much money we're about to spend.

If you're a New Yorker, you may have already had the opportunity to try Dang Coconut Chips at Chobani's flagship yogurt store in SoHo, where you can get it as a topping for any of their greek yogurt offerings. If you're tired of flying Delta, which everyone knows is just an acronym for Doesn't Ever Leave the Airport, hop abroad American Airlines, where the savvy foodstuffs team uses the coconut chips as a topping for their ice cream sundaes.

We're already thinking about dip recipes to serve them up with for our Puppy Bowl parties (not that these snacks are too wimpy for a Superbowl Feast, it's just that we are), or crushing and tossing them with some cornflakes for a buttermilk fried chicken breading that has to be tasted to be believed.

But how did Kitirattragarn get into food in the first place? Even if it may have been his calling, it was never a straight to the stuff:

"I always loved food," waxed Kitirattragarn, "and I was once offered a job on the spot by a chef at Cornell based on a sandwich I made [that had turkey with bacon, brie, and spicy aioli on foccacia, toasted of course]. I dabbled in it for a while and happened to start Dang a year ago. In April of this year, I got laid off from my environmental scientist job and was able to focus full time on Dang. Now, I'm hoping to make it to the big time.

It's pretty remarkable how much he's been able to accomplish in just a few short months, and testament to the fact that when one door closes, another one opens.

Check out his Kickstarter here!

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