It's County Fair Season! Celebrate with Our Blood Orange Deep Fried Oreos Recipe!

September 7, 2012 2:01 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Blood Orange Deep Fried Oreos
Blood Orange Deep-Fried Oreos, for when nothing else will do. (Photo: Deep Fried Foods)

So, where the heck does a Blood Orange Deep Fried Oreos recipe come from, anyway? Surprisingly enough, we weren't baked when we came up with this. We were watching MasterChef this week, and Christine Ha's Southern Fried Chicken recipe had me so jealous that I couldn't jump into the television and have a bite.

I know what you're thinking: how does a Southern Fried Chicken recipe get someone onto the final episode of the show? Ms. Ha's an excellent cook, with a demonstrated depth of knowledge when it comes to flavor profiles, and she brought her chicken to a level of excellence with the use of blood orange juice and rind to provide a sharp accent against the buttermilky goodness of the chicken batter.

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I wanted to take that lesson and bring it somewhere else, but I couldn't figure out where. And then it hit me: ten years ago, around the holiday season, everyone was smashing those Chocolate Orange Balls against the table. They were everywhere all of a sudden, even though they're no where now, and I was as addicted as anything.

So I knew I wanted to deep-fry something, and I knew I wanted to have chocolate with it. The Oreo seemed to scream out for this recipe, especially because one typically uses pancake batter to deep fry them, and blood orange pancakes are some of my favorite things on this earth.

if you don't have a deep-frier, you can just use a wok with oil, or any other pan will do. Just make sure to have a cooking thermometer handy if you do. Estimating won't do the trick.

1. Batter up!

Excuse the awful pun. Don't worry about making a pancake batter from scratch-- save that for when you're making pancakes. Here, just combine two cups of Bisquick, two eggs, 1.5 cups of milk, 3 teaspoons of canola oil, 2 tablespoons of blood orange juice, and 1 teaspoon of blood orange zest. 

Blend that altogether until smooth, then taste. If you think it needs more blood orange, try adding a pinch of salt, first, to bring out the sweetness. If you still think it needs more blood orange, go ahead and add a half teaspoon more zest and a tablespoon of blood orange juice, or to taste.

2. Get your oil going.

Heat your oil to 375 F. Use pure olive oil, which you can find at the supermarket, because it's cheap and utterly tasteless. Vegetable oil has a smell and taste that everyone pretends isn't there. Stop pretending.

3. Dredge your cookies.

Dredge your Oreos in the batter and get them nice and covered. Put them in the deep-frier, and keep a close eye on them. Flip them over once the bottom is nice and brown, which will happen very quickly. Cook them on the other side until that side is brown, too.

4. Dry 'em off and plate.

Dry your cookies off on a paper towel, then transfer them to your serving plate. Cover them with a dusting of confectioners' sugar, and garnish each serving with a thin slice of blood orange.

Not that you need our permission, but serve immediately.

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