Kickstarter Food Project of the Day: 'Defcon YUM!' Becomes First Gourmet One-a-Day Online Bakery

September 8, 2012 10:30 AM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Defcon Yum
Defcon YUM's Salted Caramel Cookie (Photo: Defcon YUM!)

When it comes to Kickstarter Food Projects, it often feels like if it isn't a product being made for small distribution at select Whole Foods nationwide, then it isn't worth funding. After all, what good is investing your money in a restaurant that chances are you'll never visit?

(If the idea of an online bakery sounds as golden (or golden-brown) to you as it does to us, and you don't need any more convincing, just follow this quick link to their Kickstarter here)

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Have no fear: Defcon YUM! is here to preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the hell out of that preconception. That's why their online made-to-order fresh baked goods business, which has just received funding but hasn't received enough attention, is our Kickstarter of the Day. We love the idea of being able to get delicious baked goods, made by the same hands, sent right to us no matter where we are. Especially when they look as absolutely stunning as they do.

I mean, come on! Has salted caramel ever looked as good as it does here, where it's sandwiched between gooey, delicious chocolate?

Have you ever had a biscotti bursting with cinnamon and hazelnut flavor working in perfect lockstep with one another?

And finally, wouldn't you rather start your day with a Chocolate Overload Espresso Brownie than you would a cup of seriously bad coffee

We reached out Nicole Stanton, one of the three brains behind the Defcon YUM! bakery project. This is what she and her team had to say.

FoodNRecipe's First of all, congratulations on getting funded! To what do you attribute the astounding success of your Kickstarter?

Thanks so much! When we first started the Kickstarter, we were hoping just to make it close to hitting our goal, but, the past few weeks have been crazy! We think the idea resonates really well with the type of people who are on Kickstarter, because they really seem to like the concept. We also know that a lot of our backers have made strong efforts to share the project and get other people to back it, so we have to thank everyone involved!

How have you been advertising your Kickstarter?

We actually haven't advertised much at all. There are three of us involved, and we have sent it around to family and friends, facebook and twitter, some of the internet forums we frequent. We also sent out an email blast right at the beginning to everyone who ordered from Defcon YUM! during our trial period in February, and they helped spread it around as well.

Where did you get the idea for Defcon Yum?

Well, Gina is actually a certified pastry chef. Nicole has always been in charge of baking the holiday cookies in her house. Mike is the tech guy, and has experience building sites like the one needed for Defcon YUM! None of us like day jobs, so it just came together. One day Nicole said, "I wish I could just bake these cookies every day for my job." Every day, huh? From there, it was a different cookie every day, and Defcon YUM! was born. The name started as the Daily YUM!, but the double Y might have confused the URL, and Defcon YUM! had so much potential for theme!

What's the one cookie that everyone has to try?

We all have our favorites, but the internet seems to agree that it has to be the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies. We've been told by our testers that if you pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds before eating, they are to die for! Of course, the Chocolate Overload Espresso Brownies are good too... and the Cinnamon Hazelnut Biscotti aren't bad.... and of course... you get the idea.

Who and what are your inspirations as bakers?

We all love the food blogs taking over the internet these days. These are small bakers, many of whom are just doing it for the love of baking. They create original, fantastic recipes, and understand that gorgeous closeups and "food porn" photography are the way to get people to pay attention. We drew a lot of our inspiration from the way they are doing things and have tried to incorporate the same ideals into Defcon YUM!


Heard all you need to hear about Defcon YUM! We thought so. Follow this link and check out their Kickstarter so you can really get in on all the gourmet cookie action!

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