MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 20 Finale Recap: Who Won? We've Got Your Answers Here!

Josh's Lamb vs. Christine's Pork Belly. Which was worth 250K, a cookbook deal, and the title of MasterChef?

September 11, 2012 5:54 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Christine Ha
Who won the Season 3 Finale of MasterChef US? Find out below! (Photo: Maverick Squared)

Here's your recap of MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 20, which will from now on be known as the season finale to end all season finales, was the most gut-wrenchingly nerve-wracking sixty minutes of television I've ever seen. If you don't want to know who won, then don't read. But if you want to be a part of everything as we saw it, heard it, felt it, and wished-we-could taste it, then read on below.

-Really long Josh and Christine bios, as if we didn't get them last week. Come on, Fox! Trust that your viewership has been faithful this whole time.

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-I'm digging all the Josh love that's happening right now. It's amazing how the editing has shaped his character from underdog to reigning champion to underdog to villain to serious frontrunner. He has an athlete's momentum, and he's going to be tough to beat.

-But if anyone can beat him, it's Christine. Her dishes look simple through the television, but the judges are absolutely in love with them.

-Watching Becky and Frank up there with everyone else who's been eliminated is so weird. I wanted the finale to be any combination of Becky/Frank/Christine/Felix, and maybe Monti if she pulled some ridiculously amazing stuff out of her bag (she often did).

-Christine and Josh get reunited with their families! Watching Christine react to her family's presence is seriously adorable.

-Josh is stoic and oh, so handsome.

-They get cooking. Josh announces his menu: lobster grits, leg of lamb with green curry, and bacon pecan pie. It's all over the place.

-Christine announces her menu: a thai salad, braised pork belly, and coconut lime sorbet. It's terrifyingly simple. At this point, against all my better judgment, I'm convinced she's going home.

-Lots of cutting to Becky for testimonial and Felix for reaction shots in this finale, which is fascinating. The camera usually loves Monti for reaction shots and testimonials. I wonder what happened.

-That said, Felix! You left too early!

-Christine and Josh get cooking. Joe says some stuff about what Christine is doing that sounds disrespectful and probably isn't. I'm so nervous about her food. I'm Team Christine all the way in this finale, but it's disappointing that she's not "stepping it up" in an immediately discernible way.

-That said, I'm sure it tastes unbelievable. Coconut soda braised pork belly? A fried egg on top? That's what I want to eat every night of my life please.

-My roommate remarks that Christine would open the most amazing food truck in the world. He is so right.

-Josh blends lobster shells into his lobster stock. Did he just win the finale for Christine?

-Tasting time. Judges love the flavor of the grits and the sweet potato, and think the shell in the stock brought some serious lobster flavor out, but fault Josh for his undercooked lobster.

-Christine's salad gets top honors, but Graham thinks there should be more crab. Christine has a good answer for why there isn't more, Graham has a better answer for why she's wrong.

-Josh's entree draws scorn for Gordon Ramsay, who accuses it of being bi-seasonal. Joe says something asinine and embarrassing about how it's like Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Watching Joe Bastianich give compliments this season has been one of the most uncomfortable viewing experiences of my life so far.

-The judges love Christine's pork belly, and say that it matches Josh's presentation in the execution of its flavor profile. The egg on top of it is a lovely touch. If it was anything short of perfect, Christine would be going home.

-Josh's dessert boasts a good pecan pie and even better ice cream. Christine's dessert is the perfect note after her pork belly.

So Christine honored who she was as a chef, and Josh pushed the envelope and showed he could be better than anyone expected him to be. Who won?

-Christine takes home the title. My roommates and I all scream, and I throw popcorn at the one of us who was rooting for Josh. But eyes back on the TV, where Josh is giving the most beautiful concession speech I've ever seen. Both of them are crying. This is the only reality show where it's actually moving when the contestants cry, even though they do it a lot.

An awesome season. I doubt anyone on the next season will be able to top any of the contestants on this season, but I'm sure the good people at FOX have a few tricks up their sleeves.

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