Food Kickstarter of the Day: "The Lotus and the Artichoke," a Game-Changing Vegan Cookbook for Omnivores

September 13, 2012 10:09 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Lotus and Artichoke
Vegan Cookbook "The Lotus and the Artichoke" is our Kickstarter of the Day (Photo: Kickstarter)

(If you want to read a vegan cookbook that chooses to celebrate the millennia-old tradition of celebrating vegetables over the twee trappings of substituting meat, click here to skip our article and go straight to the Kickstarter!)

Let's face it: our Food Kickstarters of the Day have recently skewed towards things for the most liberal of omnivores to enjoy; and unexpectedly enough, Justin Moore's vegan cookbook, The Lotus and the Artichoke, won't be any different.

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Why's that, you ask? Because this is one of those cookbooks that focuses on collecting only the most amazing classic recipes that already exist mearlessly, rather than concocting new ones out of TVP-- whatever that is.

The cookbook, which will feature over one-hundred delicious vegan recipes that Moore scoured the world to find, is one of those guilt-free, green-oriented guides to the world of animal-free eating that won't have you holding your nose and remembering the last time you could eat a chicken wing and live with yourself. Rather, the recipes it seeks to highlight all come from "the fusion of culinary styles from East and West...[celebrating] global tradition as well as new kitchen creativity beyond all borders."

And if that sounds wonderful, well, that's probably because it is.

Why are we so excited about this cookbook? Just take a look at the titles of the recipes. Persian Eggplant? Gobi Tikka? Cashew Mushroom Risotto? And the feather-in-the-cap, Knödel & Rotkohl, a vegan German recipe. 

And even though there's so much jetset in that, and as much as that green globetrotting is a strong selling point of this collection, we think anyone who's trying to preserve the vibrant and ignored culture of German veggie food deserves a spotlight in our book. But don't take our word for it-- check out the Kickstarter here.

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