Good Sh*t Alert: The Nomiku, a Brand New and Cheap Sous Vide Machine, Will Change the Way You Cook at Home Forever

Living Sous Vide-a Loca with the Nomiku!

September 14, 2012 3:17 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
The Nomiku, a seriously dope sous vide machine that won't put your family on the streets. (Photo: Kickstarter)

The contraption in our photograph that looks like a space-age shower nozzle is called the Nomiku, and if its inventor and culinary genius Lisa Q. Fetterman has her way, it's going to change the way you cook at home forever.

How the heck does it work? By taking a cooking process called sous vide and harnessing its awesome, time-intensive, and incredibly precise power into the hands of the average home cook. With the help of the Nomiku, you'll be cooking perfect sous-vide every single time you take to the kitchen.

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What exactly is sous vide, I hear you ask, and if it's so good, how come I've never heard of it before?

The second question is easier to answer: until now (now being when the Nomiku goes on store shelves nation wide) sous vide has remained just out of reach of the average home cook due to the time-intensive nature of the cooking process, as well as the fact that the equipment for it is exorbitantly expensive. The vacuum sealer and water oven typical of the sous vide kitchen can set a cook back over $1,200-- and that's if you're shopping frugally!

I don't know about you, but I don't have a group of investors interested in whether or not I can put dinner on my plate for my family (read: three roommates, one boyfriend, and sneaky cat).

In sous vide, the cook or chef uses a very precisely regulated heat to create and maintain a slow-cooked dish bursting with flavor each and every single time. One simply locks the desired ingredients (usually meat, veggies, and spices) into a vacuum-sealed or otherwise airtight bag and places it in a temperature controlled water bath. The resulting food is impossibly tender, with a flavor profile that rises into the stratosphere.

Nomiku completely demystifies the process. It's incredibly easy to use, and its results are uniform and perfect each and every single time.

We spoke with Lisa Q. Fetterman to see what she had to say about her exciting new product, which received much of its funding from Kickstarter. Crowdsourced investors were so excited for this product that even though the team behind the Nomiku asked for $200,000 (an eyebrow-raising sum in-and-of itself), they raised well-over half-a-million dollars!

Get excited and keep reading.

FoodNRecipe's Anthony Smith: The Nomiku Project is featured by Kickstarter as one of the exemplary food projects. To what do you attribute the project's immense success?

Nomiku's Lisa Q. Fetterman: A big factor was our community from our DIY community from our open-source "Ember Kits." They really supported us from the beginning and then pulled through on Kickstarter. We were also very lucky to have press from Engadget and Uncrate.

AS: When you created the Kickstarter, did you ever think "There's no way I'll be reaching my goal of 200K?"

LQF: We debated about our goal for a long time. For three months we were on the ground in Shenzhen researching tooling prices, distribution, cost of living, etc and budgeted for the most minimal option: 200K. We were really scared that it was too high of a goal. We're really happy we did the research and people recognized our effort.

AS: When I see your product's funky design, I definitely don't think Sous Vide. How the heck does it work?

LQF: Haha! Cool!

It clips on to any pot you already own, you press the screen to turn it on and change from C to F, and there is one simple knob for temperature adjustment.

The great thing with Kickstarter is we were able to be the first immersion circulator for the homecook to ever hit the market. We got to dictate what that looks like.

Our design is definitely inspired by Apple, Dieter Rams, and Martha Stewart. Approachable and beautiful!

AS: What's your favorite thing to cook Sous Vide?

LQF: I love cooking fish sous vide. It always comes out so otherwordly silken. The way it slides across my mouth makes me melt.

AS: When can we expect to see this product on the market, and where can we find it?

LQF: It's officially out in December and you can pre-order it at

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