Food Kickstarter of the Day: "Off the Cob" Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips Are as Dope as They Sound

Because tortilla chips shouldn't just be a way to bring salsa to your mouth. We have interns for that!

September 14, 2012 5:09 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Cameron Sheldrake
Cameron Sheldrake's "Off the Cob" project is our Kickstarter of the Day (Photo: Kickstarter)

(If the idea of Sweet Corn on the Cob flavored Tortilla Chips are so exciting to you that you don't need to read this article, follow this link to the Kickstarter!

Every so often, we come across a Food Kickstarter that deserves the honor of our Food Kickstarter of the Day not because of some philosophy that seeks to source only the finest organic ingredients (although Cameron Sheldrake of "Off the Cob" does seek to do that), but because the product itself is just too cool for words. In this case, it's a Sweet Corn tortilla chip that's going to change our snack-time game forever.

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Let's face it: we may be brand loyal in our salsas, but we're probably much less so when it comes to the tortilla chip. While the best salsas (which are available in many supermarkets nationwide) are robust, crunchy, and spiced perfectly, how much can you say about the chip you use to put it into your mouth?

"It's salty," you say? Sure, but lots of things are salty.

"Yeah, but it's crunchy, too..." you retort. That could be true, but all the tortilla chips in our supermarket are crunchy.

It's safe to say that, when it comes to tortilla chips, most shoppers buy with their wallet. They're a secondary character in the chips and salsa game, even though they're always billed first. But "Off the Cob" Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips are moving above and beyond your preconceptions of the tortilla chip as, at best, a necessary supporting actor.


The man and his team at "Off the Cob" have figured out a way to infuse each tortilla chip with Sweet Corn on the Cob flavor.

We'll pause for a second to let you roll up your tongue.

How does he do it and why's corn so important to him? We'll let Cameron explain it for himself.

FoodNRecipe's Anthony Smith: You sound like a man who knows his corn, Cameron. Where'd you find your passion for the yellow stuff?

Off the Cob's Cameron Sheldrake: I grew up on a sweet corn farm in Ithaca NY, called early bird farm. I have been farming sweet corn and selling it at a roadside farmstand since I was a little guy.

AS: What's it like to bite into one of your chips?

CS: Delicious. Cruncy. Savory. And if it's the jalapeno flavor, expect a firey aftertaste 10 seconds after the bite.

AS: Why is it important to support organic corn farming?

CS: So called "conventional agriculture" involves dumping millions of gallons of toxic chemicals on crops to kill insects, pests and fungus, chemicals which run off and contaminate fresh water, and destroy fertile land. Although Organic corn is still farmed industrially, the chemical herbicides and pesticides sprayed on the corn is made from recently living things, not petroleum, so they can qualify as organic.

AS: When you went away to Babson for your business degree, did you know that you'd be going into the food industry? 

CS: No, It wasn't until my junior year when I started seriously considering making chips as a startup. Thanks to the connection with Food Sol at Babson I was linked up with YouthTrade, which introduced me to Whole Foods.

AS: What kind of corn do you use for your recipe?

CS: We use certified non GMO, organic yellow corn and white corn from Ohio, farmed near our production facility outside of Cleveland. This is the kind of corn that is in some organic tortilla chips. Our secret sauce is our Sweet Corn, which is grown in the US. Sweet corn is the kind of corn that is often boiled or grilled, and can be eaten right off the cob.

AS: What's your favorite corn snack to eat?

CS: Raw fresh picked sweet corn. Hands down. It is packed with antioxidants and loaded with natural sugars. Just like Off the Cob Sweet Corn Tortilla chips

AS: Why should snackers buy your corn chips?

CS: Because they are hands down the most delicious tortilla chips so called snackers have ever tried.


And there you have it. Check out Mr. Sheldrake's Kickstarter here.

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