Good Sh*t Alert: Brew New Dryad Tea for Your Next Renaissance Faire

September 17, 2012 10:20 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Dryad Tea
Brew Dryad Tea for your next Renaissance Faire (Photo: Kickstarter/Dryad Tea)

For Rubiee Hayes, blending dried leaves together to create complex, umami-filled cups of tea is more than just a culinary calling-- it's a musical one, too. Drawing her inspiration from the music of Pandora Celtica, her trip-away-from-the-ordinary Celtic a cappella group, Rubiee weaves magical, mythical impulse into a soothing recipe to complete your day or get it started.

Even if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea at first, we assure you that it will be. In fact, Dryad Tea has been selected by the Kickstarter staff as one of their Food Project Picks.

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We spoke to Rubiee Hayes earlier today about what moved her to get brewing. Here's what she had to say.

Why is tea special to you?

To me, tea is one of those things that can calm a day down or perk it up. It's a ritual for me, and something that I enjoy very much. My day is not complete without a cup of tea.

When did you find out you had a passion for tea?

A very dear friend of mine introduced me to the full world of tea. Before her I would drink plain iced tea and that was it. She introduced me to the many many teas that are out there, and also taught me to blend.

For those of our readers who are uninitiated, what exactly is the world of Pandora Celtica?

Pandora Celtica is a five part Celtic a cappella group that I sing with here in Denver. We aren't like your normal band, each of us has a back story and a world that we've created. Feel free to check us out here!

How did that world inspire you to make tea?

The world of Pandora Celtica is a complex one, based on myth and fantasy and all matter of things. When talking to a few friends I thought that it would be really great if fans that knew the music and back story could actually taste the songs and landmarks of the world. When blending teas I also strive to make them yummy so that anyone can enjoy them, knowledge of the world of Pandora Celtica or not.

What flavors of your tea do you have blended so far?

My current inventory is about 25 blends ranging from a fruit and cinnamon black tea (that is amazing iced) to a mint green tea with a twist. I also tell customers that if they're looking for something special in a blend, I'm their person.

Your goal of $750 is incredibly modest when compared to some of the other food Kickstarters out there. How do you plan on getting your company up and running on it?

I started the business of Dryad Tea back in February, in early May I ran a Kickstarter to get funds to create a lot of the 25 blends that I currently stock. Previous to that Kickstarter I had about 5 blends. This particular project is actually to help raise the funding needed to make sure my tea is ready to sell at local boutiques and festivals near by. I figure that I can do everything I need to on about that much, though I'm hoping we hit our stretch goals.

Which boutiques, faires, and conventions are you planning on selling your tea at?

Locally I'm looking into The Peacock Shop as a boutique, as for conventions, there are about 6 that I'm looking at vending at. Faires is a longer working model, I'm hoping to get the clearance to sell at the Colorado Renaissance Festival next year, but a lot of things need to be worked out first.

You're in really good shape to hit your goal of $750 with twenty-five days to go. How have you been advertising your Kickstarter?

Honestly? I've only been using Facebook. I'm blessed to have some amazing friends that spread the word, and a lot of fans of Pandora Celtica that spread the word as well. I can happily attribute all of the word of mouth to them, and I am incredibly grateful for everything my friends have done to "pimp" my Kickstarter.


For more information, Check out Rubiee's Dryad Tea Kickstarter here! 

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