Order Good Coffee Online? Check Out Coffee Bean Direct!

Find out how thousands of Americans are waking up to delicious coffee delivered right to their front door.

September 18, 2012 11:35 AM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Maple Bacon
Want to order good coffee online? Look no further than Coffee Bean Direct, a team of bean aficionados that take the term cyber cafe to a whole new level. Their mission? To bring you fantastic blends of coffee beans and grounds delivered straight to where you want them, when you want them. (Photo: Coffee Bean Direct)

Want to order good coffee online? Look no further than Coffee Bean Direct, a team of bean aficionados that take the term cyber cafe to a whole new level. Their mission? To bring you fantastic blends of coffee beans and grounds delivered straight to where you want them, when you want them.

Though they've been an industry leader in e-bean distribution for about as long as anyone's been keeping score, they want to move their company into bigger territory. Interestingly enough, they'll be doing that by doubling down on smaller order.

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Find out how you can help them out, and why you should care in the first place. It's true that most of us who live in cities probably have a favorite coffee shop, but those of us who live away from urban centers (or just want to save money by doing it ourselves) should keep on reading. This profile is especially for you.

We sat down with Anthony Borthwick, who's in charge of Coffee Bean Direct's special Kickstarter project to raise money for an inadvertently steampunk coffee bagger. He'll show you why Coffee Been Direct is the best of what the coffee world has to offer, and how a perfect cup of coffee every morning is just a click (and maybe a small donation!) away.

FoodNRecipe's Anthony Smith: When did you first find out you had a passion for coffee?

Coffee Bean Direct's Anthony Borthwick: Ironically, I - like most of us at CBD - didn't know how much I loved coffee until I started working for CBD. 7 years ago I took a holiday position here for some extra money for Christmas gifts only to become completely enamored with both coffee and the CBD family. Before working here my idea of coffee was dirt in a tin can. Now I realize it is an actual produce, something grown naturally that is full of life and flavor unique to the region it is grown.

AS: What's Coffee Bean Direct's mission?

AB: Plain and simple: Treat people right. Whether it be our customers or our employees, we just want to do right by everyone. Quality coffee at a fair price, no dirty tricks.

AS: What makes your coffee company different from the others?

AB: There seems to be two kinds of coffee companies. You're either the little indy guy committed to small batch roasting and you have no desire to grow your business or you're the huge company that focuses on profits and not quality. We're determined to be the best of both. Our roasts max out at 125 lbs and we roast our most popular coffees every single day to make sure they ship fresh. Almost all flavors and blends are made by hand. Equipment like "the pouch monster" is perfect for us because it will streamline our production but allow us to maintain that hands-on control we really need.

AS: You offer over 140 varieties of coffee on your website. Which is your favorite?

AB: Right now I'm obsessed with the City Roast Costa Rican - I'm a light roast guy and the CR Costa has so much flavor to it. I'm also really into Tanzanian Peaberry (it kind of tastes like Cheerios and I love it). As far as flavored coffee goes, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha might be the best coffee I've ever tasted.

AS: Where do you get your inspiration for your coffee blends?

AB: Inspiration can come from anywhere and varieties like "Maple Bacon" prove we do not limit ourselves to coffee-related flavors. It's not uncommon to get an excited text from a coworker "I just had a great idea!" when they're out to eat or at the grocery store. Our "Flavor Master" Mike has even come up with ideas while at a Philly's game. Most of the time, however, it's just us playing with the beans and flavors. When you have over 100 varieties of beans and 90 flavors at your disposal it is really easy to just have fun and be creative.

AS: Is there a dream flavor of coffee that you'd like to put together one day?

AB: BBQ Pulled Pork Flavored Coffee! It started as a joke but we really want to make it work. Also, I've been working on wasabi blended tea for 2 years now and I'm determined to make it work.

AS: What exactly is "The Pouch Monster" for which your Kickstarter is aimed at fundraising?

AB: The Dura-Pack M7s Pouch Bagger - it's a high-tech "weigh and fill" machine. Basically we fill the top with coffee, load our beautiful 1-lb bags into the bottom and the machine will weigh, fill and seal 15 bags per minute. It's not some giant machine that will fill our warehouse and take up the job of 15 people. It's small and accurate and will greatly speed up production without us having to cut corners or lower any of our standards.

AS: You're asking your customers and coffee fans to fund a piece of equipment to save your staff time. How will that benefit your customers?

AB: Speed and price. Our current customers know that we ship orders extremely quickly (99.9% ship the next business day). It's these little 1-lb bags that take time and slow everything down. Not only does this mean the 1-lb orders are harder to ship quickly but they are also more costly. The "Pouch Monster" will allow us to cut costs so we can pass the savings onto our customers. Surprisingly, many of our backers on Kickstarter are current customers - I'm taking that as a sign that we're doing something right!


Check out their Kickstarter here! And if giving's not your thing, check out Coffee Bean Direct and grab some coffee for yourself by clicking here!

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