Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand 2013: Our Spotlight on Do or Dine

September 26, 2012 1:26 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Do or Dine
Do or Dine (Photo: Creative Commons)

Every year, the good snobs at Michelin honor a few restaurants whose food is so awesome and so comparatively cheap (40 bucks will get you two dishes and a drink or dessert) with the coveted distinction of a place on their Bib Gourmand List. For the second consecutive year, Do or Dine has found a place as the list's resident bad boy.

For those of you who've had your head under a rock, Do or Dine represents one of the finest, coolest restaurants that New York City has to offer. And when we say cool, we mean really and truly cool.

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If you come this year, make sure to try the Leap Year Special, which will only be available again in 2016 and 2020 and so forth. A perfectly cooked frog leg gets the crown royal treatment with some panko breading and a spicy Dr. Pepper glaze. It's akin to eating a buffalo wing, although it makes the case that you should only do so between leap years.

If you're a potsticker fan, be sure to try the Nippon Nachos, a take on loaded nachos that sees pork-filled wontons getting topped with sour cream, tomatoes, scallions, and cheese. It's the perfect intersection of decadence and stoner.

Do or Dine's take on Steak Tartare is something that everyone-- even people who don't typically like Tartares-- should try at least once. The balance of acidity against savoriness is an utter triumph in this dish, with the flash-impact of the wasabi heat bringing out the silky sweetness of the raw meat. An egg yolk on top bring this dish into truly extravagant territory.

The best part? An espresso aioli elegantly plated next to it is all kinds of perfect. And if plating's your thing, the tartare comes shaped like a cow.

Most of the entrees dish the extreme playfulness of the appetizers for spins on things that are more whimsical than anything. The triumph of the restaurant, surprisingly, is its vegan dish: their eggplant chimichanga that comes stuffed with radiantly silky eggplants and topped with a spicy strawberry and cinnamon glaze.

What are you waiting for? Check it out.

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