Good Sh*t Alert: There Is a Bojangles Fried Chicken in Washington D.C.'s Union Station Food Court

Your Boltbus ride just got a whole lot better, less-healthy

October 7, 2012 1:54 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
bo berry biscuit
Fond memories of the Bo Berry biscuit have gotten me through many a dark time. (Photo: Bojangles)

Ten out of ten human beings agree: the worst part of living in the North is that there isn't a Bojangles until you dip it low below the Mason-Dixon. For those of you unfamiliar with Bojangles, they're the amazing fried chicken place that took a stance on the culture war started by Chik Fil-A last summer through not entering the culture war started by Chik Fil-A last summer.

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People from the south take it for granted that Bojangles will always be around to serve them all the chicken and biscuits they can eat; people from the North know that every single chance to stop at a Bojangles for what they do well (read: everything ever) is nothing short of a miracle.

And those miracles just got a whole lot more frequent. Readers, there is a Bojangles in the Union Station Food Court in Washington D.C.

Sure, if we're talking latitude, this probably isn't the Bojangles that's farthest North. But if we're talking easy access to people from major metropolitan areas in the North, this represents our best way to get the stuff. It's tucked away in the back corner of the basement-level food court, the absolute farthest you could be from the trains and busses.

If you've never been to a Bojangles before, here's how you do it: get the box of two pieces of fried chicken, which comes with a biscuit and a side. For a side, grab anything but the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, which are fine but admittedly pretty much standard for fried chicken fast food. Grab yourself a sweet tea, too, as it's the best around.

But the real reason to go to Bojangles: The Bo Berry Biscuit. Holy smokes. An unholy combination of blueberry muffin top and flaky, buttery biscuit laced with decadent ribbons of icing.

It's a good enough reason to go on a trip to D.C. in the near future, even if your guy doesn't win this November.

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