Kickstarters for Food: New 'Ampersand the Conery' Focuses On The Cones, Not The Cream

October 22, 2012 4:07 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
For today's Kickstarters for Food, we're taking a look at Ampersand the Conery. (Photo: Kickstarter)

For today's "Kickstarters for Food," we're taking a look at Ampersand the Conery, an ice cream company that doesn't make ice cream at all. Instead, they focus on bringing to the cone what some of our best artisans bring to the cream. With flavors like red velvet, apple pie, and pumpkin, Ampersand guarantees your vanilla ice cream has never been this pampered.

We recently spoke with the culinary minds behind Ampersand the Conery about how they plan to take over your ice cream experience, and justify eating the stuff even in the colder months. Here's what they had to say.

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FoodNRecipe's Anthony Smith: Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and your culinary/professional backgrounds?

Ampersand the Conery: Jerry grew up in the restaurant business-peeling carrots and potatoes at his dad's restaurant when he was a kid. Brian has had experience in a culinary setting - except on the eating end of things. He is a lifelong devotee of chocolate ice cream. The one other flavor he likes is black sesame. Mena started helping her mother out in the kitchen when she was seven, but cooking only transitioned from a chore to hobby when she started baking in college. Before then she never baked anything from scratch; she only knew boxed Pillsbury cake mix.

AS: What's your company's mission?

AC: Our mission is to elevate moments of sweetness. Everybody's moment can be different. At Ampersand we strive to create products that are imaginative enough to connect with everyone's sweet tooth. Our cones and other treats can be paired with existing desserts, adding a new and unexpected element to familiar experiences.

AS: Why ice cream cones?

AC: Ice cream cones are just the start. We looked at cones and asked ourselves if they had evolved in step with ice cream. These days you can find ice cream in flavors that would have seemed strange in the past. But when you look at cones, to be brutally honest they are unappetizing. The cool thing is that they don't have to be. After experimentation, we found ways to make them delicious.

AS: What makes your ice cream cones so special?

AC: Besides being all-natural, our cones are thoughtfully crafted. Their visual design and their flavor profiles are different than any cone you've ever had before. This combination results in a unique ice cream cone.

AS: The colder months are quickly closing in on us. What do you have to say to people who'd prefer to eat hotter comfort foods during the winter season?

AC: We are big dessert fans, not just ice cream fans. We love a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day as much as the next guy. It's true to say that our business is completely dependent on a specific dessert-ice cream. What's lucky for us is that at over $21 billion per year, ice cream is by far America's favorite dessert.

AS: About which flavors are you most excited?

AC: We are really excited to announce our fall lineup consisting of three Autumn inspired flavors which we will be making available to all of our Kickstarter backers! Of those flavors, "Apple Pie Crust" makes us the most excited. There is nothing more American than a piece of apple pie a la mode, and an Apple Pie Crust cone flavor is a great example of what Ampersand is all about-creating opportunities for pairings that elevate moments of sweetness.

AS: Is there a dream ice cream cone flavor that you'd love to offer in the future?

We haven't stopped dreaming in the past nine months! We don't want to say too much but lookout for a line of savory cone flavors from us very soon.

AC: How have you been advertising your Kickstarter?

So far we have been utilizing the people we know, and people who have tasted our cones, to spread the word through social media. The best support system we have is our families and friends. Our goal is to have this story ripple across social media and find its way to an audience looking for new ways to enjoy ice cream. We're always talking about this dream of creating unexpectedly great ice cream cones. Judging from the reactions we get from people, it's a dream that's infectious.


To learn more about Ampersand the Conery, and to see how you can get involved, click through to their Kickstarter here!

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