Kickstarters For Food: How New 'Dressed Up' Salad Dressing Takes The 'Die' Out Of 'Diet'

October 23, 2012 5:08 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Dressed Up
For today's Kickstarters for Food, we'll be taking a look at Dressed Up Salad Dressing. (Photo: Kickstarter)

For today's Kickstarters for Food, we'll be taking a look at Dressed Up Salad Dressing, a culinary start-up looking to help savvy dieters, victims of nutritionists, and fans of anything-but-soup get those long-neglected leafy greens as rich and flavorful as possible. Armed with unique flavors like Mango, Purple Carrot, and Cocoa Balsamic made with nothing but the best ingredients, the Dressed Up culinary team prefers to let the quality of each element of the balance do all the heavy lifting. And that means you'll never drown a bowl of iceberg in Buttermilk Ranch ever again.

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I spoke with Aryn Schlichting about how Dressed Up is going to overshadows supermarket dressings named after hard-to-find valleys and awkward archipelagos. Here's what she had to say.

FoodNRecipe's Anthony Smith: Can you tell us a little about your culinary and professional backgrounds?

Dressed Up's Aryn Schlichting: Jamie is a brand strategist by day and recently graduated from CU Leeds Business School with an MBA. I'm an event designer by day with a background in Human Resources. We both enjoy eating healthy, cooking for friends and family and being active. These passions drive our product while our backgrounds help deliver our brand.

Food: What's your company's mission?

Aryn: Our mission is to change the way people dress their salad by providing a healthy & delicious dressing! Our dressings are made with only the good stuff {vitamins, antioxidants & fiber} to "up" the nutritional value and natural flavor of your salad.

Food: Greens. They're often the most neglected part of any eater's meal. How will your dressings help change that?

Aryn: Our dressings are so good that it will actually make you want to eat more salad! They are low in fat/calories and add nutritional value... so there is no guilt. They are also very easy to use. We worked with our professional chef to create the perfect texture for each dressings. They coat each leaf and not sink to the bottom of the bowl. Because they are so delicious and easy to use we hope that our customers will have a salad with each meal.

Food: Tell us about your Purple Carrot dressing. What can we expect from its taste?

Aryn: Our Purple Carrot Dressing brings together the fresh flavors of purple carrots, raspberries & beets to create a slightly sweet and refreshing flavor.

Food: What are some of the new flavors you have on your pipeline?

Aryn: We plan to offer our Mango Agave & Cocoa Balsamic in 2013. You can order them on our Kickstarter page.

Food: What's your dream flavor for a salad dressing?

Aryn: In the future we hope to produce a citrus dressing. The vitamin C provided in the citrus along with the lightness of the texture is a great fit for our line.

Food: How have you been advertising your Kickstarter?

We have been promoting Kickstarter on our Facebook, passing out business cards and sending out Press Releases. This week we plan to be featured in a Boulder newspaper, Denver Magazine, Vail newspaper and hopefully a few bloggers.  


To learn more about dressing up your salad in the best stuff imaginable, and to see how you can get involved, click through to their Kickstarter here. 

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