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Gotham Hot Sauce

Want to Build a Better Burger? Then Check Out This Interview with the Boys of New Gotham Sauce Company!

I saw down with Dan and Piergiorgio, the boys behind Gotham Sauce Company, to talk about their Kickstarter for their truly awesome Top Secret Sauce project. Here's what they had to say about the best burgers in the country, why they're doing what they doing, and the secret recipes that inspire them every single day. Read more

Christine Ha

MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 20 Finale Recap: Who Won? We've Got Your Answers Here!

Here's your recap of MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 20, which will from now on be known as the season finale to end all season finales, was the most gut-wrenchingly nerve-wracking sixty minutes of television I've ever seen. If you don't want to know who won, then don't read. But if you want to be a part of everything as we saw i... Read more

Becky Reams 3

MasterChef US Season 3 Becky: Our Exclusive Interview with Becky Reams!

If you've been watching MasterChef US Season 3 as religiously as we have (Monday and Tuesday nights were basically our church all summer), then you'll know this already: Becky Reams can cook some serious eats. She was the early front runner in the competition, serving up unbelievable eats like her Classy Corn/Trashy Corn, a corn panna cot... Read more

The MetaCookie

Cookie Crisp Cereal Recipe: The MetaCookie, a Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Made with Crushed Cookie Crisp Cereal Pieces!

How the hell does someone who probably isn't stoned come up with a recipe that uses Cookie Crisp cereal to do anything other than soggify in a bowl of milk? Oddly enough, the inspiration for this dish came as much from the nostalgia-factor cereal kick I've been on for the last twenty-three years as it did from Moto, that bastion of cerebral fine dining in Chicago. Read more

Rocco's Peppers

Food Kickstarter of the Day: Support a Fiery Local Hot Sauce and Give to Rocco's Superior Pepper Project!

Sure, Sriracha goes with everything, but it isn't always the kind of fire you're looking for. Sometimes, you're looking for a way to liven up a bowl of cheesy grits or a perfectly golden leg of fried chicken that looks like King Midas himself soaked his hand in the deep-fried. Read more


Interview: Chef Alex McWilliams, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of New Restaurant ChiĆ³, Wants to Make Sure You Never Eat Olive Garden Again

I spoke with Executive Chef Alex McWilliams, half of the brain behind ChiĆ³, the Columbia Waterfront's newest culinary addition. His mission? To re-educate Americans about what eating Italian actually entails. Put away the veal picatta, and don't let him catch you scarfing down chicken parmesan. Read more

Pork Slope

Dale Taldi's "Pork Slope" Gives Dive Bars the Four Star Treatment

Pork Slope's pretty much killing it. It's week two of their service, and they're filled to the brim with patrons from all over the place who are coming to partake of Dave Taldi's particular brand of excellence. I reached out to the new neighborhood hotspot, and this is what they had to say. Read more

Vegan Slider

Round-Up! The Top Five Best Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurants and Joints in New York City

Don't have a cow: this is the ultimate guide to the top five best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in New York City. Read more


Good Sh*t Alert: Knock-Your-Socks-Off Chantarelle Mushroom and Poblano Pepper Tamales from 'Chickpea and Olive,' Brooklyn's Best Vegan Pop-Up

For Danielle Ricciardi and Daniel Strong, the cruelty-free masterminds (more Mother Theresa than Machiavelli) behind a little Brooklyn pop-up called Chickpea and Olive that's taken the Smorgasburg Food Festival by storm, the sky's the limit. Their vegan sliders, inspired by the falafel and pulsing with some crazy note of nostalgia that re... Read more


REVIEW: "Dough" Doughnuts Are the Absolute Best in New York City

When it comes to doughnuts in New York City, the only real crime is getting them from a Dunkin or a Kripsy Kreme. For some reason, we're living in a city that has the absolute top-of-the-line best doughnuts in the whole country. Read more

Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake

From the Top Shelf of Momofuku Milk Bar Comes Christina Tosi's Birthday Cake Recipe

America, it's my birthday, and even though I've given David Chang and Christina Tosi a lot of flack for ever corner they cut in establishing a branch of the Momofuku Milk Bar sub-empire in Williamsburg, I'd be bereft if I didn't give credit where credit was due: Tosi's delightfully whimsical birthday cake recipe is one of her finest. Read more

Ube Fries

FoodNRecipe's Totally Amazing Fish and Chips Recipe, Inspired by Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna with Spicy Citrus Sauce

Jean-Georges Vongerichten knows how to take an unruly combination of the best ingredients and techniques from a mosaic of cuisines and turn it into something elegant and, perhaps most masterful of all, logical. Take his famous recipe for Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna with Spicy Citrus Sauce, a miracle of simplicity in which the violent heat of Sriracha... Read more

Frej Food

Just a Taste? The Three Best Tasting Menus in Brooklyn

Tasting menus are probably the best thing in the world, and the Brooklyn restaurants that offer them know exactly what they're doing. Here are our three favorites from a borough of many worthy choices. Read more

Hooters Girl

Hooters Wants to Open in Brooklyn! We Recommend The Five Best Neighborhoods for Them to Set Up Shop

As we reported earlier today, the Hooters empire of chicken strippers and lady wings is looking to expand into the hippest New York City borough of literally all time ever. Earlier this year, they had their sites set on Park Slope, but those plans were successfully thwarted by a bunch of parents who don't want their children to grow up in the shadow of bad burgers. Read more


What Do the Cyclone Roller Coaster and Strippers Have in Common? Hooters Could Be Opening on Coney Island

Joe Vitacco, the owner of a vacant lot on Surf Avenue just footsteps away from the historic Stillwell Avenue train station on Coney Island, has hinted that, starting as early as next year, he could be leasing his space to Hooters. Read more

Twice the Vice

Want Chocolates That Get You Wasted? "Twice the Vice" Spirited Chocolates for Adults

If you've ever wanted to combine all the fun of being a glutton with the special charms of being alcoholic, the people at Twice The Vice have something for you. Read more

Bouchon Bakery's Nutter Butter

Exclusive: An Inside Look at the Upcoming "Bouchon Bakery" Cookbook with Bouchon Bakery Sous Chef Scott Peabody

When you think of the American pantheon of wonderful, store-bought cookies, it's easy to overlook the Nutter Butter, a slightly larger-than-average peanut-shaped cookie that admirably balances the saltiness we love from peanut butter with the sweetness we come to expect from a sandwich creme. It's exactly the kind of treat that gets people excited and chefs inspired. Read more

Espresso Black Bean Chili

Wrong: Mark Bittman's Chili Recipe Will Have You Cooking Black Beans in Espresso

We're fans of Mark Bittman in that we agree that ingredients can be nice. It pretty much stops there. There's an element of wrong-headedness, even culinary negligence, that goes into a few of his recipes. Since even non-cooks have been having a lot of laughs at the expense of the Food Network's resident strawman Sandra Lee, we feel it necessary to apply the same pressure to Mr. Read more

Bacon Sundae

Pork-a-Geddon: Burger King's New Promotional Menu Features Cheap Bacon Burger, Bacon Sundae

From the people who brought you The Ultimate Thinking Man's Guide to the Burger King Bacon Sundae comes something unapologetically low-brow: Burger King's new menu of promotional items. Read more