Healthy Eating

McRib Sandwich Release Date Dec. 17; Why Does ‘Restructured Meat Technology’ Taste So Good?

The McRib is coming! The McRib is coming! 70 ingredients, 48 grams of fat and all the negative karma you can get from eating the leftover trimmings of tortured pigs. Lovin' it? Read more

Dressed Up

Kickstarters For Food: How New 'Dressed Up' Salad Dressing Takes The 'Die' Out Of 'Diet'

For today's Kickstarters for Food, we're looking at Dressed Up, an awesome salad dressing start-up. Read more

Unreal Candy

New "Unreal Candy" Mimics Your Junk Food Favorites with Healthy Ingredients, and Won't Break Your Bank Account Either!

Candy: it's what's for dinner. Or at least, it would be, if there were a way that could eat it without feeling truly awful about ourselves later, when our stomach starts churning and our skin feels like it's covered in a thin veneer of acne-inducing simple syrup. Read more


Good Sh*t Alert: New Guilt-Free Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang Foods and the Young Genius Behind Them

When it comes to guilt-free snacks, Vincent Kitirattragarn, a Cornell University graduate and former sustainability researcher, may be offering you the chance to never have to pretend to like kale chips ever again. Read more

Olive Oil

Bacon Flavored Olive Oil for the Nostalgic Vegan and Struggling Dieter

We're a sucker for anything that helps our vegan friends, especially when that something succeeds at the worthy task of approximating the smoky flavor of bacon without the help of any pigs. Read more

homemade bread

Why Is the Deadly Food Allergy Rate on the Rise?

Every time I confess to a friend that I have a gluten sensitivity, ze remarks something along the lines of, "I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably kill myself or something if I couldn't eat bread/pasta/soy sauce/etc." Read more


The Ultimate Greek Yogurt Diet Recipe

There are so many reasons to stuff your piehole with lowfat or non-fat Greek yogurt. Read more

Fat Duck

The Jolly British Pop-Up: Former "Fat Duck " Chef Helms "Canteen Food" in Limerick

Paul Williams, a young chef whose list of accomplishments boasts such exorbitant heights as working under Heston Blumenthal in the Fat Duck kitchen, has opened up a pop-up in Limerick that combines the offerings of a cafe and restaurant. Read more


New Food Allergy Treatment Could Offer Hope to Sufferers

We know little more today about what causes allergies than we did a decade ago, when doctors, nutritionists, and scientists started to note that the number of those diagnoses with mild-to-severe allergies was on a meteoric rise. Read more

Salty Burger

Wendy's Fast Food Chain Releases Mobile Nutrition App for iPhones

Perhaps it's not as forward-thinking as their Baconator, a decadent slice of fast food heaven with two beef patties and literal oodles of bacon, but it's still technologically progressive. And good for you-- or at least, as good for you as fast food gets. Read more

OMG Diet

The Ultimate Guide to the Mysterious OMG Diet

It's hip, it's happening, it's all teens and tweens are talking about. But does the OMG diet work? And who the heck created it? Read more

Salty Burger

Five Disgusting Fast Food Meals That Are Still Less Salty than Hospital Food

Your good friends at FoodNRecipe are giving you another reason to cringe at hospitals. Read more


Jamba Juice Unveils New Healthy Smoothie for Public Schools

Say goodbye to everything you thought about school lunch. Read more


McDonald's Olympics Sponsorship 2012: The World's Fattest Athletes

So it's come to this. Ladies, gentleman, and anyone who identifies as anything else, prepare to be outraged. Read more

Polenta Pizza

Genius Gluten Free Polenta Pizza

How to make your own perfect pizza with gluten-free, golden-delicious polenta Read more


The Best Brands of Gluten Free Pasta

Our guide to helping you find the best brands of gluten free pasta. Read more


Traif Review: The Struggle for Identity in Trendy Brooklyn Eating Scene

It's hard to tell whether we're living in the denouement or the aftermath of the Brooklyn Food Revolution. Read more

Homemade Dill Potato Chips

Homemade Dill Potato Chips

There is nothing better than homemade potato chips, and we're going to prove it to you by giving you a recipe that all but guarantees you'll never buy the ones from the store ever again. Read more

Strawberry Lemonade

Ice Cold Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade

Because this recipe substitutes agave nectar for sugar, you can let everyone drink as much as they want! And trust us-- they're going to want a lot. Read more

Chess Cookies

Not So Old Fashioned Citrus Chess Cookies

My favorite aunt makes chess cookies that'll knock anyone's socks off, and as long as she's not sharing the recipe, I thought I'd approximate and add some citrus to it. Read more