Man Attacks Wife With Cheez-Its for Going to Earth Day Concert

Cheez-Its make great weapons. No really, they do. Think about it -- they're small and sharp, and if the salt gets in your enemy's eyes, it's going to burn. Having said that, you should probably refrain from engaging in a Cheez-It attack. Read more


Mexico To Maintain US Beef Trade After Mad Cow Case

Mexico's agriculture ministry said o n T uesday it had no plans to stop beef trade with the United States after U.S. authorities confirmed a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, in California. Read more

Roast Beef

Mad Cow Disease Found In California; No Human Threat Seen

U.S. authorities reported the first U.S. case of mad cow disease in six years on Tuesday and quickly assured consumers and global importers that meat from the California dairy cow did not enter the food chain. Read more

Lipton tea bags

Greenpeace Says Finds Tainted Lipton Tea Bags In China

Environmental advocacy group Greenpeace said on Tuesday that an investigation it had conducted found tea bags sold in China by Unilever's Lipton brand contained unsafe levels of pesticide residue, though Unilever said the product was safe and to standard. Read more

A piece of corn is seen in a hay bale at a farm in Fredericksburg, Texas

Dow's New Corn: "Time Bomb" Or Farmers' Dream?

A new biotech corn developed by Dow AgroSciences could answer the prayers of U.S. farmers plagued by a fierce epidemic of super-weeds. Or it could trigger a flood of dangerous chemicals that may make weeds even more resistant and damage other important U.S. crops. Read more

Hungary Roma Restaurant Eases Prejudice Through Food

If you thought the reproductive parts of swine couldn't come near the menu of a chic restaurant, think again. Read more

Michigan International Women’s Show

Michigan International Women’s Show Opens Thursday, May 3 in Novi

Get inspired, feel refreshed and uncover the secrets to living well, feeling healthy and having fun” at the Michigan International Women’s Show, May 3 - 6, Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace with shopping, make-up tips, fashion shows, cooking demonstrations and entertainment. Visit “Diana, The People’s Princess” exhibit. “Inspire. Create. Buy.” at the CHA Craft Pavilion. Read more

Sunwarrior logo and products

Sunwarrior Releases their Legend of the Sunwarrior Video

Sunwarrior, a plant-based supplement company, releases a new video based on the Legend of the Sunwarrior, written by cofounder Brent Hauver. Read more

Edge of LA International Wine Festival

3rd Annual Edge of LA International Wine Festival Benefiting Recovery at Sea

We will be celebrating the spring season as vendors and winemakers pour wines from 40 different wineries, covering all regions of the World including California, Morocco, Austria, Spain, Chile and more. Come celebrate your love of wine (or come learn more about wine) at this charitable event celebrating the spring season and downtown San Pedro. Read more

Fresh Origins

Fresh Origins Shines in Epicurean Paradise at Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2012

Fresh Origins products were used by culinary stars and enjoyed by thousands during Pebble Beach Food & Wine event. Read more

Hot's Kitchen

Hot’s Kitchen To Host Walk With Sally’s “Friendship in the Kitchen” Event on April 21st

Hot’s Kitchen has partnered with charity Walk With Sally to empower children, whose parents or siblings have been affected by cancer, by teaching them how to cook easy meals. Read more

Coca cola

Coke Addiction Led A 30-year Old Woman To Cardiac Arrhythmia

Drinking one can of coke per a day can be conceivable. How about drinking gallons of coke, not per a month or per a year, but per a day? Read more

cupcake ice cream cone

Strong Response Of Brain To Food Images Predicts Weigh Gain

Among overweight people, there are those who say “If I only see foods, I can’t suppress my appetite. A study says we cannot consider it as lack of their will or as an excuse about their gluttony. Read more

McDonald sweet tea

McDonald's Employee Spit in Women's Sweet Tea

McDonald's Spit Tea. It's not on the fast food chain's traditional menu, but until Thursday, you were able to find it at a single location in Simpsonville, South Carolina. A mother and daughter did -- and then they called police. Read more

Danone product

Danone Raises Bid For Pfizer Baby Food Unit

French food group Danone has raised its offer for Pfizer's infant nutrition business to close to $11 billion in an attempt to outbid rival Nestle, according to news website WanSquare. Read more

FDA Says Nanotech May Need Extra Safety Tests

U.S. health regulators said consumer products that use nanotechnology may have unknown effects on the human body, and advised food and cosmetic companies to further study the safety of these tiny particles. Read more

Three-and-a-half-month-old hogs are seen at Whiteshire Hamroc farm in Albion, Indiana

U.S. Barnyards Help China Super-Size Food Production

Inside a dimly lit barn in northeast Indiana, where the air smells faintly of corn and earth, the future of China's food supply is squealing for attention. Read more

bottled water

How To Do Better In Your Exams: Drinking A Glass Of Water

Now you can’t make an excuse for having a low score at the exam because of not taking expensive brain-boosting vitamins. The key to exam success might be a glass of water. Read more

tall woman

Women's Height, BMI Related Slightly To Ovarian Cancer

Taller women have a higher risk of ovarian cancer, new study found. Read more