Ten Vintage Snack Commercials That Will Make You Feel Really, Really Old

Admit it: you love getting nostalgic for the days when you were a pajama-clad eight years old, just home from school or waking up on a Saturday morning, where the only care in the world was finishing your bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios before they got too soggy. Read more

bo berry biscuit

Good Sh*t Alert: There Is a Bojangles Fried Chicken in Washington D.C.'s Union Station Food Court

Ten out of ten human beings agree: the worst part of living in the North is that there isn't a Bojangles until you dip it low below the Mason-Dixon. For those of you unfamiliar with Bojangles, they're the amazing fried chicken place that took a stance on the culture war started by Chik Fil-A last summer through not entering the culture war started by Chik Fil-A last summer. Read more


Kickstarters for Food: How Farmscape's Awesome Agrisaurus App Will Help You Grow Your Own Food

When it comes to sourcing the best ingredients, your average foodie probably has some strong opinions on where to go for the most vibrant fruits and crisp vegetables within a given ten-mile radius. But what eludes even the most seasoned foodie is the ability to grow the very best produce for hirself. Read more


Kickstarters for Food: New "Wondermade Marshmallows," Made with "100% Sweet Air," Fill Us with Joy

If you don't think that marshmallows are the most delicious substance known to mankind, you've probably never had anything but the stuff that comes in bags. But when it's done right, homemade marshmallows are fluffy little marvels that cheer you up, no matter how low you are. Devotees of the stuff tend to be brand-loyal, having a pla... Read more


360 Vodka Proudly Presents a Glazed Donut Vodka for You and Your Arteries

360 Vodka's website boasts that they're the planet's first Eco Friendly Vodka due to their bottle, which is "designed for infinite reuse… thanks to its swing-top cap." In other words, their Vodka is green because it encourages you not to throw away the bottle-- leaving the company's "greenness" up to the consumer. Read more

Ole Smoky Moonshine

Is Moonshine on Its Way Back In? Check Out New "Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine"

Moonshine: it's what our American ancestors used to drink because it was illegal for them to drink anything else. Think of moonshine as the vice-equivalent of the coat hanger abortion: it got the job done, but doing it was so dangerous. Many went blind from drinking the stuff, and they were the lucky ones; others died from it. Read more

New Orleans

Kickstarters for Food: How the "New Orleans Fruit Tree Project" Could Save Its City's Struggling Families with over Seven Tons of Fruit

All Kickstarters for Food are geared towards feeding the people, but the New Orleans Fruit Tree project is one of the only Kickstarters that wants to feed the people for free. In January of 2011, the NOFTP harvested over 3,000 pounds of fruit that they distributed to upwards of 800 families. This last year, they set a seemingly impossible goal for ... Read more


Good Sh*t Alert: Could New Spodee Spell a Return for Good Moonshine Products? [VIDEO]

Spodee: It's a name that probably means nothing to you, but for people who are fans of Prohibition for all the right reasons, it spells a joyfully ironic return to the moonshine products that our American ancestors drank when they danced the night away under cover of darkness. Read more


Kickstarters for Food: Fatty Sunday Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Are Godlier than Church

Sometimes, our Kickstarter for Food spotlight goes after a project that's all about doubling-down on deliciousness. And when it comes to that particular brand of good, clean decadence, the Borowick sisters are pretty much experts. That's why their Kickstarter for their family business, Fatty Sunday, is as special to them as it is to us. Read more


Kickstarters for Food: How "Bella Gluten-Free Food" Will Save Celiacs from Nasty Wheat Substitutes

When it comes to Kickstarters for Food, celiacs once again get the short end of the stick. Almost every Kickstarter I've ever seen is for people that can safely consume products with wheat in them, otherwise known as "literally everything ever." Even vegans have tons of exciting Kickstarters that they can support. Read more


Pig Shortage 2013: What Will Life Be Like in a Pork-Free 2013? Ten Predictions for a Ghastly Society

This has been reported pretty extensively at this point, so I'll just give the bare-bones facts: what those of us in the Northeast know as the wonderfully warm winter of 2012, others knew as the devastating drought that decimated our global yield of corn and soy crops. Since corn and soy are key ingredients in pig feed, this shortage resulted ... Read more

Vegan Cookies

Kickstarters for Food: "Om Nom Nom Cookies" Are the Vegan Darlings You've Been Waiting For

When most people think about Miami, Florida (which is easy to do, especially in the New England winter), they think about swimsuits, beaches, and glass skyscrapers. But if you're not thinking vegan cookies, then you're not getting the whole Miami experience. Read more

Goat Dairy

Kickstarters for Food: How the Grenada Goat Dairy's School Project Could Save the World

When it comes to Kickstarters for Food, few resonate with a diverse, passionate audience the way that the Grenada Goat Dairy's School Project has. Since they were founded in 2008, they've served as a dazzling model of sustainable agriculture, production, and hands-on training to end cycles of poverty for lower income farmers. Read more


Kickstarters for Food: Why Nido Could Be One of the Best New Oakland Restaurants

You know a neighborhood is on its upswing when local restauranteurs talk about establishing an eatery that prides itself on farm-to-table sustainability. Such is the case with Nido, a Mexican restaurant in Oakland whose proprietary and culinary team have big dreams for helping to catalyze the flourishing of the neighborhood. Read more

Michelin Guide

Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand 2013 New York City: See Who Made the Cut!

It's that time of year again: on October 2nd, the team behind the terrifyingly coveted spots on the Michelin Guide will reveal which restaurants made the cut, which got promotions, and which got demotions. It will be a scary time indeed for the proprietors of fine dining, but we're less interested in who's getting stars these days. Read more

Do or Dine

Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand 2013: Our Spotlight on Do or Dine

Every year, the good snobs at Michelin honor a few restaurants whose food is so awesome and so comparatively cheap (40 bucks will get you two dishes and a drink or dessert) with the coveted distinction of a place on their Bib Gourmand List. For the second consecutive year, Do or Dine has found a place as the list's resident bad boy. Read more


Pig Shortage 2013: Where to Get Your Pig Fixins While They're Still Oinkin'

As you've probably already read, in 2013, there's going to be a serious shortage of pigs. The global drought (you probably know it as "really nice winter") that ravaged our Heartland just nine short months ago decimated our yield of corn and soya. Since these two key ingredients compose the majority of cheap, efficient pig feed,... Read more

Atlas Beer

Check Out "The World Atlas of Beer" by Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont

We typically don't like things with the word "Atlas" anywhere near it. The average World Atlas reminds us we're too broke to do any real traveling. Charles Atlas made a generation of Americans feel puny and buy Hummers. "Atlas Shrugged" should have been called "Liberal Enraged. Read more

Malted Whiskey

New House Spirits White Dog Whiskey Is Available for a Limited Time

If you're looking for a little hair of the dog, look no further than White Dog Whiskey, an old-timey tonic-looking bottle of brew distilled and bottled by House Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon. Read more

Amys Nacho

Good Sh*t Alert: New Amy's "Nacho Cheese and Bean" Bites Are Crazy Delicious

If you're looking for a delicious, fast, and relatively healthy snack that you can take right out of your freezer and eat in under five minutes, look no further than Amy's Snacks "Nacho Cheese and Bean," a snack food that's criminally delicious. Read more